Tomorrow's the day, tech newshounds: The Hyperbole Hyper Bowl, the Smug Showdown, the Reality Distortion Field Reboot. I speak, of course, about Apple's iPad 3 announcement. While I wouldn't expect our regular readers to take much notice of the pomp and circumstance, it's an undeniable fact that Apple's announcements make waves in the mobile world, and nowhere is that more true than in the tablet market. While Android kicks the glossy finish off of the iPhone in every market, the iPad still dominates the tablet industry.

This being the case, Android manufacturers and perhaps more importantly potential customers will be well aware of Apple's shiny new toys, afterwards if not during the event. For better or worse, the iPad is the standard for tablets, at least for now. And while pretty much every single Android tablet sold at or above the $400 mark can make mincemeat of the iPad 2, that may not be the case for the iPad 3, iPad HD, iPad 2S, or iPad Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. If all the hundreds and hundreds of rumors are true, the hyperbole for the updated device may actually be justified - and even if it's not, it'll sell tens of millions of devices.

So here's a breakdown of the rumored features of the new device, and how they compare to current high-end Android tablets. Since it looks like a cheaper iPad isn't in the cards, we're considering the iPad 3 a competitor to the likes of Samsung's Galaxy Tabs, Asus' Transformers and the like, not the Kindle Fires and Nook Tablets of the world.

High-res screen - one of the most persistent rumors, and one that's almost certainly true, is that the next iPad will come with a 2048x1536 "retina" screen. That's nice - especially since Apple's been using rather low-res screens for the last two years, that have been put to shame even by Android smartphones as of late. This one probably won't affect much in the short term, since nearly all high-end Android tablets use at least a 720p display. Some, like the Transformer Pad Infinity 700 and upcoming models from Acer and Lenovo, will be reaching even higher to 1920x1200. But Android manufacturers usually feel the need to one-up Apple, so expect more 1920 screens in the fall or winter, along with possible 2560x1600 screens preserving Android's de facto 16:10 tablet ratio standard.

Improved processor - Android's already got this one covered, with downright amazing performance coming out of the 4-plus-1 Tegra 3 chip from Nvidia and the S4 Snapdragon CPUs from Qualcomm. Even better stuff is on the horizon, like the quad-core Snapdragon "Krait" architecture due later this year and TI's OMAP 5 platform. A more interesting comparison is graphics performance. Iv'e got to admit, on anything but Nvidia's SoC's, the iPad 2 already smokes most Android tablets and phones for 3D performance. This may be more of a problem for developers than manufacturers, but devs want to make awesome games just as much as we want to buy them. Unfortunately, this will probably continue to be the case for some time.

Higher price  - we like to see tablets undercut the iPad whenever possible, and a price bump for the entry iPad would make that a lot easier. While an Android fan wouldn't hesitate to drop $500 on a Transformer Prime or Galaxy Tab 10.1, it's a lot harder for a more typical consumer to make that call - the Reality distortion Field at work. Android manufacturers can already undercut Apple if they want, but all too often they don't. We're looking at you, Galaxy Tab 7.7. What Android really needs is Apple-style deals with carriers that don't require a contract, just like iPad 2 has with AT&T and Verizon. People want mobile broadband connections on their tablets - what they don't want is yet another two-year contract.

128GB capacity - Apple tends to deal a lot less in the cloud than Google, which makes a lot of sense considering the two company's histories. An upgrade to the current 64GB iPad model would be impressive - but from an Android perspective, not overly utilitarian. I've never filled up my Galaxy Nexus' 32GB capacity, and likely never will, thanks to Google Music. Apple has some great (strong-armed) deals with flash memory providers, which should ensure they get a pretty good deal on high-capacity chips. But it's nothing you can't replicate with a MicroSD card, for a lot less money. and the chances of the iPad 3 having external storage are basically nil.

LTE - Please. Welcome to 2011, Apple.

Regardless of what comes out of San Francisco tomorrow, Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market, at least for the short term. The typical sales bump means that'l probably continue into the summer. But android tablets are catching up fast, just as Android smartphones did a couple of years ago - 40% of new sales already. Expect Android to be even with the iPad in terms of new devices sold by Christmas. If Apple doesn't sue the free market into oblivion first.

If for some reason you're an Android fan for phone and an Apple fan for tablets... shame on you. Even so, check out our sister site SlashGear's coverage. They'll be live at the Apple event starting at 10:00 AM Pacific time.

  • itzjustzay

    “mincemeat”. Seriously? I have a transformer prime and an iPad 2 and even tho I don’t have the keyboard dock for my prime I gotta tell ya…mincemeat it does not make of my iPad2. Actually it barely holds a candle to my original iPad. Mincemeat??? I’m not sure about that.

    • Chris Olson

       I’d have to assume the writer of the article was speaking of quantifiable tests and comparisons.  So far, all you’ve done is state an opinion that the Transformer Prime in your opinion ‘barely holds a candle’ to the iPad 2 or original iPad.  I’m pretty sure none of those three tablets will actually do a very good job holding candles – just my OPINION though.  What if I told you that my IBM PC XT was WAY faster than your iMac, would you believe me?  It would be up to you since it was a statement of OPINION, not fact, with no quantifiable way to back up the claim.

      • You criticise him, yet you also make an unqualified assumption in your first sentence. Interesting!

      • Ian068

        Steve Jobs created the concept of windows and the term user friendly and continued this with the Ipad. He was avey perceptive man will be interesting to see how Apple goes in the future

      • ColoradoRick

        Wow, Ian, you’ve been hitting the Apple iBong hard. Jobs created neither of those. See Wikipedia article on “History of the graphical user interface”.
        In my opinion, Jobs didn’t “create” much of anything, but he did a great job of polishing the crap out of existing concepts and somehow getting credit for their origination.

      • Shekhar Taker

        Hey hey dude.. Its about android n apple dont u bring steave jobs inbetween, learn to respect the legend. And the fact that Android is very good but it became good by coping all the things from apple. But to say about apple its frkn awesome. Its simple, sharp, and beats the hell of android. I have 2 droids n 1ipad Ipad just rocks. It got simple OS easy tou use thus protected from viruses. So holla APPLE WINS THE MATCH. 🙂

      • Common Man

        Apple OS’s are copied from BSD’s. BSD License let you hide your additional/code customization unlike linux. I mean making it closed source after taking from original BSD. Most devices. You can see OS X listed here Copying is the base of Apple *innovation*. I am not telling copying is bad. Cisco and Juniper devices also run BSD/Linux customized OSes. But after copying others code blaming that we have a patent to unlock the phone from sliding left to right is like “I can shit like Abc but Xyz cant pee like me”. I hate IOS compared to Android for various reasons which a fanboy may not understand. See  cyanogenmod/miui etc.. see custom kernels and innovations see android developers community compared to fanbase.. A closed source system has its limitations…

      • Trulle

        Which he copied from Xerox….

      • itzjustzay

        Of course it was my opinion. Pretty much any statement of preference about tech stuff is opinion. But my Prime crashes out of apps often. I love the ability to have widget but switching between apps sometimes takes like 15-20 seconds. I wasn’t trying to start a flame war or anything. I have been trying to love my Prime since on paper it should slaughter my iPad. But in actual use it just plain doesn’t. I will be quiet now. Didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Wa just stating my experience.

      • Troy Wilson

        I don’t know which TP you have, but mine has never force closed any app and all my apps open in less than 10 seconds.

      • Joshuasyoung74

        Bullshit,putting those lies on here.What transformer prime do you own? Switching between apps taking 15 to 20 minutes. You should call that dude you bought it from on craigslist and tell him how stupid you was for buying his defective item. Or your just an ignorant ifag2 fanboy on an android forum telling lies.

      • fforblack

        Yeah, please provide a link or source to any quantifiable tests or comparisons. I couldnt believe what I was reading. The prime is the only tablet I’ve seen so far that beats the iPad in bench. And even then, by rather small margins considering my initial expectations of a quad core tablet. I still can’t believe this is a tech site if they have articles this innaccurate or ignorant.

  • Airtrons

    While my Xoom had arguably better specs than my iPad 2, it didn’t do nowhere near what I can with the the iPad. It’s not a spec race; it’s an ecosystem race. Android tablets’ ecosystem has a LONG way to go. The iPad3 with updated specs and the current ecosystem raises the bar again, want it or not.

  • Androids Work

    I have an iPad 2 (owned for 8 months), Asus Eee Transformer (owned for one month, bought it for my wife), and an android phone (owned for two years).  I will replace my current Android in a couple of months with a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

    The Android systems are much more flexible, and the iOS systems are easier to use.  I wish I had bought a high end Android pad rather than the iPad.

    For instance, I am trying to transfer files to and from my iPad 2.  It is now “jailbroken”, after Apple put it in jail.  Still, I can only transfer files to/from my iPad via bluetooth with other iPads, iPhones, etc.  A jail break app for the iPhone should allow bluetooth transfer to/from non iOS devices, but it isn’t available for the iPad.

    I was finally able to transfer files, but it was an ordeal….  Used iFile (app for jailbroken iPads) to create a webserver.  Used Android to create a tether for the iPad.  Used Android to open the iPad webserver.

    Android beats iOS on all but two areas, content and form factor.  Android tablets are making inroads there.

    The Transformer with a dock ($350 refurbished) was still cheaper than the iPad ($550).  The battery lasts 16+ hours with the dock and 9.5+ hours without it.  It has a micro sd slot and built-in mini-HDMI.  The dock has an actual USB port and a full SD card slot.  The iPad price doesn’t include the HMDI connector and the camera kit.  With the camera kit, you can only automatically import photo.  It has no other function.  The HMDI kit is only useful if you buy a program that can use it.

    So, my Android is close to half the cost and fully functional.  The apps I needed were free.  I probably spent $150-$200 in iPad apps to get it close to what I wanted.

    • well say

    • HolyGrail

      Didn’t need to do all that. You could have just used I-funbox to transfer files. Plug in your iPad, start i-funbox, all your iPad folders open up. 

  • Sameer Singh

    Agree with this. I have an analysis of the Tablet market coming out shortly after the launch of the new iPad that breaks down the tablet industry. Safe to say, Android’s poised to take the lead by the end of the year. 

  • Sperrybird

    It’s pretty sad but the new ipad that apple will reveal tomorrow will already be outdated compared to the top of the line android devices today. 

    • anywh

      but it will have 5865123×6523665 resolution…imagine the huge amount of icons on the desktop 🙂

      • Mikel Syn

        will be exactly the same, except more pixels per icon. 🙂 with apple’s latest OCD, i can see the future of apple devices: iPad 7, now with 1024×768 PER ICON! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? YOU WILL LOVE THIS!! even though you can’t really see the difference anyway

      • anywh

        you forgot 1000 cores 🙂

  • anywh

    it means nothing……just boring nothing doing icons…..
    but imagine this:
    1) Super Amoled Plus (great on sunlight…the best!)
    2) free copying
    3) widgets – desktop is moving!!! 🙂
    3) possibility do put even 64 GB (maybe 128 GB) with microSDHC, SDXC)
    4) free to change your keyboard, camera, …..completely adjustable….
    5) perfect phone support (calling with bluetooth stick)
    6) dualcore
    7) 1080p mkv with subtitles
    8) …

    ok, so here is the point: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

    • User

      Wtf did u say??

      • anywh

        what you can not have with iPad 🙂

      • u forgot USB OTG, keyboard, mouse

  • DroidDoesnt

    “But android tablets are catching up fast, just as Android smartphones did a couple of years ago – 40% of new sales already.”

    Not so fast:

    Apple controls 73% of the tablet market:

    P.S. Tell Android tablets makers to report the number of Android tablets actually SOLD TO CUSTOMERS, not just SHIPPED TO RETAILERS, like Apple does. If they did, I think you’ll see that “40%” market share dwindle

    • I wonder if these stats include those China tablets like Window N12, Ainol Novo, which are cheap and popular in China

  • Jason

    I will buy Android when software updates are ALWAYS issued to the latest level, free, and all at once. (Like guess who…) Bit of a wait then…

    • And only once every 2 years then…. (like guess who)

  • synthesis India

    Standard Transformers is a private limited company engaged in manufacture, testing of Transformers & Rectifiers Stabilizers in the voltage class of 11 KV to 132 KV and rating from 10KVA to 40 MVA.

  • Caruthers1963

    You guys are so delusional.  It really cracks me up.

    • fforblack

      Seriously…I understand ignoring the facts, but there are so many fallacies here, I can’t believe that this is a tech blog.

  • fforblack

    Please, can someone tell me what the author means by mince meat. Besides the tranformer prime, I still haven’t seen an android tablet that has been able to bench better than the iPad 2…in fact, the performance gain on the quad core prime is rather disappointing compared to the iPad 2, and the graphics are still mediocre in comparison. Is this mincemeat thing a criticism of iOS’ open nature, because as far as actual performance goes, it would take a lot of ignorance to say that…

  • Bottom line.  iOS Rocks, Android doesn’t.

    • Guest

       Bottom line for you maybe. Your comment is full of fail.

  • Guest

    Don’t you get it? It is not about the hardware alone, it is about the package, and the combo that Apple puts forth beats anything Android hands-down…  Google O/S is half-baked, and will continue to be so.  Then the OEM layers on their own fix and it will always look like patch work.  In the end, you get what you pay for, and Android is free. 

    • Trulle

      Yes, yes. Isn’t there any Apple-forums you can hang on?

  • A B

    The iPad3 is going to be a smoking device.  There is such a thing as Android tablets?!? Oh… you mean cheap Chinese and Korean clones. Gotcha.

    • Joshuasyoung74

      Who do you think makes your precious apples screen dumbass.

      • A B

        I thought we were talking about devices.  Not components.  I don’t really care who makes the screws in my BMW either.

    • guest

      iPod touch / iPad / iPhone screens are made by Samsung. that’s a Korean company, you idiot.

  • Asdfa

    LMAO @ this article. What a load of turd.

  • Joshuasyoung74

    I love my apple ipad2 so much that i got an apple tattooed on each butt cheek. I sleep with my apple every night and if i could roll it up and stick it in my butt i would.I’m so obsessed that i roam android forums telling everybody about my lover that i think is better than anything. So don’t say anything about my apple or i will post some ridiculous comment about android.Nice to see all of the ifag fanboys on a android site. OH Yeah! What’s that smell? Must be the ifags2 owners breath from kissing so much prime ass. Sent from my prime with the supposed wifi problems.

    • Dylan

      iFag? Twice? That’s not very cool, man. Maybe come up with another insult, because this one makes you sound like a pretty hateful dummy.

    • Nanana

      Please dont use fags as an insult. You breeders make up more of the sales than we do. Put your anger against something else, not someone else. Thnx

      Sent from my Ipad2. Lol

  • Dafas

    You (the author) seem rather pissed off about the new iPad 3 specs 🙂

  • iBangAndriod

    Apple makes the shittiest devices….

    …That’s why it’s the most valuable company in the world… 

  • The mindless groupthink of these Apple fanboys is quite amusing.  I have used an iPad2 extensively, and have owned several Apple products, the last being a 2nd generation iPod Touch.  They all suffer the same problems, which most of their dedicated fanbase choose to ignore: 1) They are nowhere near as configurable as an Android device.  If I don’t like the way my Android device behaves I flash a custom ROM.  This simply is not possible with an iPad since iOS is closed source (the inevitable and predictable comeback here is “why would I want to use anything other than iOS, it’s so kewl”); 2) iTunes – what a heap of crap.  Frequently buggy to the point of being unusable.  Why do I have to transfer files using this???  Oh and thanks for duplicating my entire music library 4-5 times over the course of several years *awesome*; 3) Apple are money-grabbing thieves.  My final straw with apple was when they tried to charge me $5 to upgrade the OS on my iPod so I could use cut and paste!  The same apps are usually more expensive in the App Store when compared to the Android Market.  Why??  Finally, your shiny new iPad was made in some squalid, suicide-ridden Chinese sweatshop.  Feels good eh?

    I have an Asus Transformer Prime and I am astounded by its power and versatility compared to the iPad2.  Maybe Apple will step up to the plate with the iPad3 and actually deliver a device that is equally as exciting, but I highly doubt it.  At least you ladies can rest assured that when you are tippty-tapping on your iPad3 in Starbucks whilst sipping your grande mocha-chino latte that you will look pretty kewl.  Can I get extra whip on that please…?

    • kEiThZ

      Get over it.  You aren’t the average user.  

      I could do it.  But I don’t want to my root my GN.  So if I think that way, I can only imagine that the average Android user isn’t even aware of what root means.

      The iPad 2 will win on value…..find me a comparable tablet that’s out today for that price.  And the iPad 3 will win on specs.  Namely the screen.  People will walk into the store, take one look at the screen, and will pass over every other tablet.  The rest are all the same price (or more) and won’t have the same impact as the iPad 3’s screen.  Apple is smart enough to splurge on the most important component of the device.

      You can call iPad users sheep.  But that won’t keep Android tablets from being a failure.  And in my books, Android OEMs have only themselves to blame.

    • Mrsnapper

      I rooted my Nook Color with some stupidly named version of Android.  Guess what? It was garbage.  At least the Nook Color version of the OS worked.  Android is a joke, no normal cares about whatever stupid doodads Google can think of next to throw into the OS for the vocal minority.  Apple is making devices for the masses.  Google is making root-able unstable garbage for Cobol crowd.

      • Supahemi

        So y do ppl jail break ipad n iphone?

  • Jonnyboy

    Currently at all Best Buy’s. iPads, out sell most every product in every store. The current Ratios between android and iPad sales is: 30 ipads to 1 android tablet sale (including the new samsung note). iPad sales have dwindled down in the past 4 weeks, but that is simply due to smart consumers, same results happened last year four weeks leading up to the release. 

    also, 97% of all consumers, do not know how to program or root systems… nor do they want to. If you know how to use an android tablet, and if you have the time to spend on learning the device and how to root it, then by all means; buy one. 

    Most people are too dumb to use android, those people have problems using IOS too. But they are fed the line of marketing that they want an iPad, and that is why the iPad will win. Google doesn’t really spend time marketing other companies they simply sell the OS to to other companies. that is why the Galaxy tabs are the iPads biggest competitor; Samsung markets their products very well.

    I don’t believe there is an iFad, i think apple is taking the role of how Microsoft grew in the early 90’s. the biggest difference is that people have more options today, and those people are a lot smarter; thus giving a large market share for android and win8 to compete with the industry standard.

    One day there will be more android tablets than iPads. But people will still strive to have iPads simply because of marketing. 

  • kEiThZ

    I’m an Android fan.  But the iPad 3 is the only tablet I’d get.  The reason? Apps.  For me, the tablet would be a replacement for an old laptop I have.  And oddly enough, I think the iPad would have better functionality.  I can get a near desktop experience through Apple’s productivity suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) that complement the experience on my Mac.  And I can still use Google Docs on there too.  If I buy an Android tablet, all I’ll have is Google Docs, which is just not as good as the Apple suite.  And that’s just one example.

    I honestly believe that Google should start subsidizing the best developers to port their software to Android.  Especially on the tablet side.

    • In my mind this is probably the only valid argument in favor of iOS over Android.  Android does lack a decent office suite and is the only thing that stops me from ditching my Windows PC.  Having said that, the App Store is heaving with over-priced apps that have a high degree of redundancy.  Is there really a need to develop yet another app to make a farting noise?

      • kbl0706

        That’s the typical fanboy response. But think about it. It’s every app. As was pointed out in the keynote, trivial apps like Twitter aren’t optimized. Then there’s content that matters. For example, my favourite magazine (the economist) isn’t available. Games terms to be even better in the iPad.

        On top of content there’s support. Walk into an Apple store and they’ll help you figure out whatever issue you have. Still on warranty? No questions asked exchange.

        This kind of support is what people want for a computer replacement. For a phone, Android is great. For a computer, Android is just too far behind. Windows tablets might actually do better, especially if Office launches at the same time. Blame Google for this terrible management of the ecosystem.

      • I would argue that most of the fun of dealing with issues with tech (including tablets) is figuring out for oneself rather than walking mindlessly into the well designed store and asking the well dressed sales rep to sort it out for you.  Also, warranties are not something that are unique to Apple…

        With regards to the apps, my point was that Android has everything that I need bar the office suite, which I really do not see as a massive deal at this point since my employer is Windows-based.  Finally, the Economist is available for android 2.3, they just haven’t bothered updating it for 4.0 yet.  I use Economizer which offers current issues from RSS feeds (i.e. subscription free)

      • Sure walk into an apple store and do a no hassle exchange. $650 + $100=$750. Or just buy two Transformers… just in case one breaks. About the same price.

      • kEiThZ

        Aside from my points above (the login got screwed up…it’s my comment), the other big problem Android tablets have is software support.  Why the hell are there still tablets on Honeycomb?

  • Digging the Aphex Twin label logo on the Ipad wallpaper. 😉

  • FatDAN

    we need to get cm9 on the ipad 3!

  • Bygremlim

    hey if you have the money to blow after you brought an ipad or android 4.0 recently then go ahead and buy the ip3 and gloat. i think the wise money is to wiat for a year or 2 and then reinvest. you dont build a top of the line computer and then replace everything with a new build the next year do you?

    • in2android

      I would have to agree. For some reason, every 3-6 months I’m ready to replace my phone for the latest and greatest, and I usually do. However, I just purchased my Transformer Prime about 6 weeks ago & it will be some time before I will replace it. I may purchase a windows 8 tablet in addition to, but the ATP isn’t going anywhere. Honestly, I don’t utilize apps on my pad like I do my phone. Its a large screen for comfortable browsing while I lay on my couch in the evening, and a quick & convenient accounting and inventory tool for my restaurant. It may in fact become my ” play pad” for home, & the windows 8 pad(when released) may become my “business pad”. Though I’m impressed by the I pads new resolution, I’m pleased with ,y Primes resolution, and I will continue to anticipate windows pad offering .In most every aspect windows IMO dominates apple In pure functionality, and Android to me is just pure fun!

  • kEiThZ

    The Android tablets are toast.  The iPad 2 at $400 sets the upper price ceiling.  The Kindle Fire at $200 sets the lower price bound.  All the Android OEMs have to price and profit in that gap.  None of them have shown any ability to do so thus far.

    Android can’t compete on apps.  Android sucks on support.  Apple has actual stores you can take your tablet to.  And you can bet tons of buyers will pick up the $100 Apple care warranties.  Two years of coverage and two no hassle replacements?  Find me an Android OEM with that kind of support.  We won’t even talk about software support.  How many Android tablets are still on Honeycomb?  And why?

    The only place Android OEMs could compete was specs.  And they should have soundly beaten the iPad 3, months ahead of time.  Instead they release tablets that are a bit better than the iPad 2, months later, only to be made obsolete by the iPad 3.You shouldn’t be asking what the iPad 3 means for Android tablets.  Ask what the $400 iPad 2 means for Android tablets.  And ask what Windows 8, coming in with the same specs at near the same price, but with major software like MS Office, means for Android.  Google has a very small window to make a difference.  They have to release a Nexus tablet with specs better than the iPad 3 for $400 or less.  If they succeed, maybe they’ll have a shot at bare survival in the tablet space.  
    Google has utterly mismanaged the Android tablet space.  They should have outright subsidized the transition to ICS for major apps.  They should have worked on a Nexus tablet earlier (not the POS Xoom).  They should have better developed their own major apps (like Google Docs).  And they should have have done whatever it took to get every Honeycomb tablet upgraded to ICS.  

  • Arunashamal

    I don’t know why android people don’t understand it, but the main turn off of Android is it is a damn ugly OS, Apple and Windows are both go with swiss style interface design and simple user interface Android looks like something came out of depths of hell. get your interface corrected.. people love simplicity and beauty

  • Alexander Ewering

    Wow, what an Apple hater and blind Android fanboy who wrote this article. Get your facts straight. Whoever has touched any Android device once in their lives will remember the sluggish, clumsy user interface and not want to interact with it ever again! No matter how much CPU power your tablets got (which gets annihilated anyway due to your 30-level software API and VM stack that makes everything crawl and lag even with a 64-core CPU).

    • Trulle

      So why are you visiting

      • Mrsnapper

        Google much?

    • saay whaaaaat?

  • Mat Teakle

    I have just purchased an iPad 3 online today after one year of using a xoom. I was an early adopt xoomer, I’ve used it for work, for web-surfing, email, games – all sorts of stuff. But it’s a mess, I realised the other day that I haven’t visited the android market for about 6 months. I have some apps that simply do not work and others that provide comedy relief for me and my workmates (such as a guitar tuner that exists in three different compartments on the one screen!) Truth is, my xoom crashes often, it’s very buggy and the long-promised ice-cream sandwich has yet to eventuate for it. Not that I’m confident it would make much difference. Great hardware, better in every way than the iPad 2, but that’s hardly the whole story when it comes to technology. Motorola also didn’t provide any good accessories for it (I had to drill a hole in the official portfolio case just to charge it).  
    I’m not an Apple fanboy, but I just need something that works. Bye Android, it’s been, er, interesting. 

  • peter_chua909

    the only reason why android has been dominating is because it is used across a large number of devices from different companies…if each company were to be compared to apple, each would fall down, as apple’s sales are simply larger 😛

    • Jjack9977

      100% truth. Well said!!!

    • Trulle

      And that’s the beauty using a CC-based OS, there is a possibility for other manufacturers to use it. It will end up as it did in the computer OS-market, but this time it won’t be Microsoft that ends up being the giant

  • businessbot_v1

    As a new owner of a Transformer Prime and a past owner of an iPad 2… I will tell you that the Transformer not only beats the current iPad 2 from a hardware and performance perspective, but will beat the iPad 3 hands down. Flash, better cameras front and back, USB port, and performance is key for anyone who really “uses” the hardware. Side by side comparisons were the only proof I needed. From a usability perspective, the Apple iOS is simplier to use than Android Ice Cream Sandwich and I miss some of the Apple specific software, setup screens, etc… Final assessment… When I want to really use the machine (web surfing, videos, applications, games, etc…), I use the Transformer. When I want to use FaceTime, I beg my wife to let me use her iPad 2 🙂

    • Mrsnapper

      “Really “”uses”” the hardware”? Uh, wtf does that even mean?  You use it for uh… “(web surfing, videos, applications, games, etc…)”… iOS has more apps & games, surfs and does videos brilliantly.  Again, we have another Droidbot needing “Flash”.  It’s like this pacifier that an 8 year old won’t let go of.  MOBILE FLASH IS DEAD PEOPLE.  Are you there? D.E.A.D.  Adobe killed it.  If web sites are still using DEAD technology to deliver you subpar videos and unstable memory leaking performance, then that is the web sites problem and you as an end user visiting old skool garbage. The porn industry is using HTML5, that is the future.  The porn industry dictates video technology… where you not paying attention in the VHS/Betamax days? Laser-disc/DVD? Flash/HTML5? Yup, every time they’ve adopted the better tech (price/performance vs cost/technical mumbo-jumbo) in the end.

      tldr; FLASH IS DEAD.

      • businessbot_v1

        Glad to see that you were able to take time away from your iPad porn to post a comment.

      • Supahemi

        But androids run flash and HTML5 and any thing else that i throw at it.

  • Aha

    Who wrote this article apparently doesnt know much about tablets market. Dont know how can you compare Android-based useless junk with a hardware supported by 200K apps. Please check the numbers, facts first before you publish something like that: 15.4 million iPads were sold in the last quarter. Global sale so far: 55 million iPads around the world. Who is wrong: millions of users who spent their own $$ or a jalous author of this article?

  • Jjack9977

    You guys are hilarious. There is not an android tablet out there that is not a complete embarrassment and joke even compared to the iPad 1. That’s a fact. And you have no phone, none, that competes with the iphone. You are the ones, my friends, with the reality distortion. Everywhere you look someone is using an iphone. You can write what you like but objective experience and observation rule the day. Every android out there is just a poor mans iphone. An inferior imposter coveted by cheapskates who brainwash themselves into thinking they like it better, most of whom have never even tried an iphone.

    • Trulle

      Oh, you live in a happy world. Rainbows and unicorns all over the place I bet.

    • Awesome!

       I don’t understand you people. Hardware-wise, Android devices are hands-down superior to Apple products. It has always happened that way. Really, everything comes down to personal preference, are you the type of person who would do fine using a guest account (Apple), or are you the type of person who needs Administrator privileges(Android)? I, for one am an Administrator.

      • Jjack9977

        Of oral maybe lol. Youre an oral administrator of android deep throat lol.

    • Supahemi

      So tell me something the iphone can do that the galaxy s 2 cant do.Dont say it just works,because ive seen iphones and ipads crash….theres alot of things my phone can do that urs cant…


    I love Android fanboys who pretend like their products are anywhere near the product Apple produces. Lol at Android being on even terms by Christmas.  Sorry, you’re not a market analyst, you’re an Android fanboy.  And I bet having LTE with a 5 hour battery life makes lots of sense.  Sure, you can just plug in your phone…while carrying it around in your pocket.  Let me know when Android actually innovates instead of copies.  “Do no evil…except copy competitors.”

    • Trulle

      And when did Apple do any innovation last time? They take others ideas, refine them, sell them with the “Apple-Kool Aid” to all the iFans as “the most innovative ever” while the sad truth they are just as much copycats as everyone else.

    • Honsolo

      That’s funny the new Motorola RAZR is the best phone out there

  • Steven Gerrard4

    Errmm i spent near 500 pounds on my galaxy s2 i own a iphone 4s the galaxy s2 wins every time. you chat alot of shit the iphone is not worth anywere near it price tag and you say everyones got an iphonr wellll look how old they are its a contract that there mummies got for them dont even no how to use it. galaxy s2 is faster lighter sexier and just soo much better than the ishit. plus falaxy s2 isnt likely to break if you touch it to hard sooo to all you sheep copying everyone else with the shitty iphone hen congratulations on be a complete twat!! Good day to yu all .

    • Jjack9977

      Payed 500 pounds did you old chap? Or did you blow someone for it Mr. Lightintheloafers. No question why you describe a phone as sexy, lol. Cheap and effeminate. That’s why you like your new phone.

  • jtroye32

    You guys don’t realize ios is built into every Android device.. just hit the app drawer button – tada!

  • I’m not spending 500 on a tablet, especially when it’s just coming out. I don’t care if it’s Android or iPhone. What I’d like to see is Apple and Android come out with a tablet the same day. I’d like to see who’d win that.

  • jtroye32

    Oh and people confuse ease of use with how good something is… a fully customized Android system will completely stomp on an ios device all day just like an exotic car over an economy car. Just because a bunch of Joe schmoes don’t have the time/inclination to learn a little about something doesn’t mean their one size fits all device is the best DEVICE out there, just the best for their average learned use. It’s not rocket science either to customize you own experience even with minimal knowledge, people are just not interested or don’t care to these days and they want everything served on a silver platter. As for the copying argument,it goes back and and forth some, but look at IOS and the updates it has gotten compared to when Android had them.. I think you’ll find the biggest “copycat” is Apple.

    • Jjack9977

      You’re deluded. Ease of use is an indication that the company has mastered the product instead of lazily leaving it on the buyer to figure an inferior low budget system stolen and poorly redressed. Android tablets can’t even get their crap together enough to make a responsive touchscreen. You keep your junk. I don’t even know what Google is doing in this business. They ought to just stick to fetching me my search results. Google against apple is like google + against Facebook. Such a joke.

      • Trulle

        Still around on the android-forum. Don’t you Apple people have your own forums or has Apple forbidden those?

      • Jjack9977

        Nothing to correct and nobody to set straight over there. Apple makes the best tablets and phones in the world. I’m having a lot of fun messing with you guys (from my iPhone). Every now and then someone who really knows something about that should come in and disturb you from your slumbering dreamworld where android is worth half a dry turd.

      • jtroye32

        Are you just going to throw out your insults with no supporting info? Smarthphone of the year = Galaxy S2, NOT iPhone 4s.

        Sent from the smartphone of the year.

      • Mrsnapper

        Sweet, how did that sell? How is Samsung’s market cap doing? Is Google’s market cap high due to the use of Android on that “smartphone of the year”?

        Honestly, who cares.  It’s so funny to see how the tides have turned since iPod v1.0.  Apple single handedly killed off WMA and Microsoft’s BS walled music garden. Give credit where credit is due.  Apple is dominating the tablet market with price and stable performance. All you technical monkeys want some hackable, jailbreakable, unstable device.  Great, you got hundreds of them.  Apple is selling usable devices across all market segments.  Again, give credit where credit is due.

        Stop crying.

      • jtroye32

        The s2 has sold over 20 million units. Android is on many devices vs Apple and it’s 2 device with uniform OS. When the iPhone fails Apple stock will take a HUGE hit. It’s smart what Google did with Android as it’s less risky with multiple manufacturers pushing out Android. It’s not 2007 anymore.. Android platform is dominating the smartphone market as a whole. This will also happen with tablets as Android keeps gaining ground there and apple sticks to the same strategy.

      • Jjack9977

        It’s the world we live in that a “smartphone” with half the brains of an iphone can win such a magazine award while the public, whose opinion really matters prefer the iphone hands down over any single android you pick. Additionally, very few award givers can hardly be considered objective about Apple because Apple tends to lock them out of their business, which evokes disdain. No award giver is going to keep awarding the same phone either regardless of which is best. And I’m sure you have at some point bought a product which received magazine accolades only to be disappointed. Again, objective experience rules the day. Look on Craigslist and you will find people selling androids off, including yours, in droves. When I upgrade and sell my older iphone on Craigslist I get a ton of people wanting to trade me an android. That reverse does not happen when you sell an android. Nobody will be filling up your inbox to trade you an iphone, and one of the reasons for that is that androids are like rapstars. Their products don’t retain their value, and are not true art. Very cheap and crude under the guise of being “real.” Apple products are like rockstars. Their products are really art, thoughtful, enduring, classic, and inspire loyalty because they of the highest quality from a company that really cares about user experience.

      • jtroye32

         Define “brains” when it comes to a smartphone. MWC is not some magazine and that award is one of the most prestigious awards in electronics, they don’t just give it out to whoever or not give it out because some device won it last year.

        Don’t generalize the public opinion to suit your opinion. If that was true then the iPhone market share would be leading vs Android market share which is completely not the truth.. Android is dominating the market. Those are hard numbers. I also don’t go by magazine reviews, I go by consumer reviews for pretty much everything.

        Oh I did check my local craigslist and found exactly the opposite was the case. I did not find ANYONE asking to trade their GS2 for an iPhone:

        “Month old iPhone 4 with case, wall charger, and car charger for Samsung galaxy S2”

        “New iPhone 4 16gb- trade for galaxy s2 or bold 9900”

        “looking to trade my 16gb black 4s really nice condition. Would prefer a
        white but I’m cool with either. Might be interesested in a galaxy s2
        also. Thanks”

        “Verizon iPhone 4s– trade for iPad, or att iPhone, galaxy s2 bold 9900”

        “iPad 2 for Galaxy Nexus or iPhone 4s on Verizon”

        “Iphone4 for galaxy s2”

      • jtroye32

        If it hurts your brain to figure out how to use a few options, I fear for humanity. Options are just that too, optional. You can just leave everything how it is and just launch apps exactly like an ios device.

        It’s funny you say you don’t know what Google is doing in this business since the Galaxy s2 won smartphone of the year and was released almost 6 months before the iPhone 4s..

      • Jw

        Amen! I am a busy composer don’t have time to muck around.

        Sent from my iphone.

      • Supahemi

        If it was so easy to use,i dont think they would need classes on how to work ur iphone.

  • Mrsnapper

    Sales > Specs.  Apple isn’t trying to be the most configurable or the most technical marvel out there for you geek squads.  Apple is making devices that anyone can use; from an infant to a 95 year old.  And it works and it sells, a lot.

    • jtroye32

      Good lord, Android isn’t hard to use, there are just more things you can do with the OS if you choose to do so. They didn’t say “let’s make this hard! that will bring the sales!”

  • Mrsnapper

    Oh hai, I got iOS 5.1 from Apple pushed to me on my AT&T iPhone and Verizon iPad 2.  I didn’t have to wait for AT&T or Verizon to hack it up and spit it back out 12 months after Apple released it.  How does that work on Android? I CAN I HAZ ICE CREAM SANDWICH?!?

    • jtroye32

      The DIYers install it custom. The general population, if I remember what you said correctly, doesn’t care about updates and all that complicated stuff as long as they can call, txt, and play angry birds. Some devices will get updates, others maybe not. We will see shortly how many of the current top end devices get updates this time around. If you want for sure updates get a Nexus device.

  • Dewed

    The apple vs android debate, and arguments will never end. Just like political parties do. They both have their good and bad. But too many people feel they have to be mean about it.

  • Captain_Quantum

    I really like the galaxy line, like s2 and some other androids, but seriously…the android fans that degenerate almost every single tech blog thread into mindless dribbling disdain make me almost hesitant to make the leap into android. I love the inherent customization, but god forbid I perhaps needed to ask a question about android and mention that I use ios…whew. The HATE some display is just ridiculous and childish…Not sure what it is, but it’s not welcoming. Obviously that doesn’t go for everyone, just the one’s who yell the loudest and troll all the tech sites. 

    • jtroye32

      They are on both sides of the fence my friend.

  • Nigel

    SPLENDID JOB APPLE! Quite splendid indeed. Roll out the new tablet with a fancy screen, a substandard quad cord GPU (note not a quad core CPU – that would have been too complex), charge a few extra hundred $ for it and watch the sheep go mental to get their hands on it. Seriously, the screen is the biggest deal?? The resolution for my Transformer Prime is 1200×800 and I cannot see pixelation at a few inches. How much resolution does one need? It also lack things that really should be standard these days: HDMI out, expansion slot (e.g. microSD).

    The scary thing for Apple is that they are pushing this as the cutting edge of innovation when it is not much more than an small upgrade on the previous device. For all of his faults, Jobs did know how to innovate. He gave Apple their direction as a visionary leader and I believe that this company has peaked and will struggle without him. I am sure he is rolling in his grave with the release of this minor upgrade. Where is the innovation?? Fanboys: coherent answers to this question and not why you think Android is crap below please…

    • darkwave420x

      he’s not rolling in his grave. the ipad 3 and new apple tv were already in the works when he was alive. they have enough tech upgrades from him for the rest of the year. but starting jan. 2013 they are on their own. you would know that if you ever watch the news. 

      • Nigel

        Whatever girlfriend… All that proves is that dying men should not be running multinational corporations

  • Chris

    Bose products are great and quite honestly I’m happy for the competition. I work IT for a cell carrier for approxmently 10 years for deciding that I’m no longer interested remaining in the field. What I’ve always found highly amusing that people try to argue which is better android or IOS. In all reality that argument is about as intelligent as saying taurus is better than a sable… its the same car. Both operating systems on the surface functioning and nearly identical manner and on the back in the biggest functional differences which hardware drivers are built into the unix kernel. The sandboxing works in functionally the same way. Though listening to lay people argue over which is better in their limited understanding can be ammusing its really pointless to argue over who ripped off who whilst Android Inc prior to being acquired by Google did develope the first ARM compatible UNIX OS cir.2005 which is before apple had released IOS it doesn’t matter because Android Inc was very open about the fact that they stood on the shoulders of giants ( Red Hat Foundation, canonical, et al)( as a side note not to sound arrogant but if you do not know who those 2 companies are you are ill informed to participate in this discussion) as well as being open about the fact they stood on those shoulders they were developing most of their software under a GNU GPL licence which is the norm in the linux world its only strange to the irrelevant lay person or the corporate shark neither of which ultimately matter. I have owned many of each device and the only reason I prefer android is better support for multimedia formats that being said this is what I tell my friends when they ask which I prefer it all comes down to functionality unless there is a piece of software ( music composition for IOS and AutoCAD for android yes I know there is an IOS version however opening large files on the android version works better mainly for hardware limitations of ios devices) then you should buy whichever best fits your budget and needs( rugged, full keyboard, etc)

    • inyourface

      Chris for some one who open with the silliness of argument over OS or
      plate forms, you sure made your argumentative point, didn’t you.
      That is hypocritical. And will participate in this discussion because
      Your IT. skill in crappy talk did not impress me. It is all Google
      knowledge, and any body can write what they want. For a IT guy you
      sure do low ball a lot and are cheap.

  • It sucks to be a Android fanboy

  • Anjanette

    Ha yet iPhone is the best selling phone and half of the Androids are cheap iPhone f**** them both

  • iPad is a magical window where nothing comes between you and what you love. Now that experience is even more incredible with the new iPad.

    • gonzo

      wow, I’ve really enjoyed reading this thread but some people need to realise that which tech use use shouldn’t be treated like a fundamentalist religion.  People have asked my opinion which smartphone they should buy a lot over the past year.  Here’s what I tell them: if you are in the ‘Apple’ ecosystem – eg you have a mac pc, use itunes , iCloud etc. then get an iPhone.  If you’re not in any eco system or you’re in the Google one then get an Android device – probably Nexus or Samsung. 
      I took a cold, hard look at the pros and cons of iOS vs Android for myself last year and came down in favor of Andriod.  I don’t think some of the people posting here will be interested in the reasons.  I’m not an evangelist for Android, I own shares in both companies – I like iPhones and Apple products.
      Whichever way you choose to go the fact is that you’re gonna find it difficult to switch in future simply because these days it’s the way in which your device gets hooked into the eco system of the vendor which makes it so darn useful – it’s not Apple or Google’s fault that this happens -it’s human nature – you just want it to work and then not bother about it.  When I say ‘difficult’, I mean you’ll have to do something , even if that ‘thing’ is quite easy it’s a mental barrier – it’s a fear of the unknown etc. 
      get hold of a copy of ‘Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance’ by Robert Pirsig, if you can bear to read anything longer than a tweet or a blog post (sorry to have a dig at the younger generation, I couldn’t resist).

  • Arther

    Iphone is played out in the specs department. I love my verizon nexus 4g with unlocked bootloader and overclocked to 1350. Flash websites. I can do everything from the native browser. The mlh (hdmi) adapter is sweet. I get 1080 recording can take live stills as I record. Battery life suckz when using intense features such as recording high def running panoramic shots. Playing golden eye at 20 fps. The screen real estate is great plus its a curved glass to aid in reduced reflections. Only down side is battery life. IM willing to compromise for thickness in exchange for double the battery life. Iphone clones or home launchers can be had for iphone fanboys to emulate the look and style. I think android are geared more to tech savy or tech willing customers anyways. just saw a child Mabey 8 years old with an ipad. P.s. I use to jailbreak iPhones but got board with the limitations. I compare the iPhones and gnexus to the xbox 360 and pc both play games (apps) but the PC is more versitile. Different strokes different folks

  • Android tablets aren’t moving iPad sales all that a lot. Then once more, a big mass of new iPad sales come from old iPad buyers.  As for having better sales through the holiday quarter… well they need to talk about number distortion. Honestly, I don’t have so many complaints about Android, my complaints are regarding the low-quality hardware so many OEMs are making for the platform. When you go out and watch people pulling the batteries out of their Android devices simply to reset them, you have to surprise if it’s really worth the lower cost. If Apple sneezes, then they wrap it while leaving all else in the dust.

  • Shreyash Nigam

    Are you guys mad or what android might be more flexible and customisable but seriously guys what do you want a better looking back ground for your home screen or a better device . And as for people who want to transfer files from their iPad to a comp have you people heard about MAIL in which you CAN ADD ATTACHMENT. AND IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE USE I MESSAGE OR I CLOUD