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Native Screen Shots Coming to CyanogenMod

I love CyanogenMod. Its the ROM I've been running on my poor little Aria since the day I got it, and thanks to CM that poor little Aria has done things AT&T never dreamed of. The great thing about CyanogenMod is that as a community driven and supported project, new features are being added all the time, and via Google+, Cyanogen himself has announced a few new ones worth getting excited about.

Google+ Android App Has Support for NFC

Google has a tendency to use their different technologies and services to promote one another, and it sure looks like Google+ will be no exception. It turns out that phones with NFC, a small list at the moment, are capable of reading NFC tags with the Google+ app, to allow for quicker sharing. Obviously this won't be any sort of killer feature until NFC spreads a bit, especially to other phones.

Samsung Says TouchWiz Update for Galaxy Tab 10.1 is “Coming Soon.” Tells What’s in Store

In order to launch its Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the latest and greatest version of Honeycomb (3.1), Samsung had to delay its planned TouchWiz UI overlay. To some purists, myself included, this was great news, but some people enjoy the benefits manufacturer skins bring. If you happen to be one of the latter as well as the owner of a Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung promises TouchWiz is coming soon and has delivered some details on what to expect with the update.

Droid 3 Accessories Show Up at Verizon Store, Verizon Asks “What Droid 3?”

Well I don't know about the rest of you but I'm almost bored with it by now. The Droid 3 is going to be an undeniably sexy keyboard bearing phone with a dual-core prcoessor and qHD screen, but we've been being teased by it for months now. It may have a rumored release date only two weeks out, but we still have no word from Moto or Verizon. If this isn't bad enough, Verizon stores are now getting official cases for the unannounced phone.

BOKU 1-Tap Billing Brings In-App Carrier Payments to Over 50 Countries

In-app billing was a pretty big deal when Google officially released support for it this spring. Carrier billing for app purchases was a pretty big deal when it came out last year. Now mobile Payment company BOKU is banking that in-app carrier billing will a big deal. Their final version of 1-Tap Billing became official today, bringing its service to 56 countries.

Cincinnati Bell Helps Motorola Milestone XT720 Users Root and Upgrade to 2.2

Waiting for upgrades when a new version of Android comes out can be a big pain. While many users are wondering when they'll get Gingerbread, there are still plenty of phones out there who never even got FroYo. Well Cincinnati Bell is shattering the mold with a move that is the very definition of bold. They are providing instructions and the necessary files to root your Motorola Milestone XT720, back it up with Titanium Backup, and then flash a FroYo ROM.

Google+ Invite Work-Around is a Go!

Google+ is pretty cool. I just got in last night thanks to a friend who invited me while they were still available. Unfortunately people were so excited to get in that Google was a bit overwhelmed while they're just in beta, and had to cut off the invitations. Turns out that theres a pretty sneaky work around that will let people get their friends in, including us. If you requested an invite from us, look for an email!

WiMax Goes Mid-Range with the Samsung Conquer 4G

Samsung has announced a very interesting phone recently that straddles the line between high and low end devices with a very curious mix of specs. The device mixes some of the standard features of today's superphones, 4G WiMax and a front facing camera specifically. Most of the other specs are very bland. Clearly as technology progresses so does our definition of high end.
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