Looks like another Samsung phone has popped up. This one is a slider, headed for Verizon that looks extremely similar to the Galaxy S variant, the Epic 4G. We don’t know much about the phone, other than its code the SCH-i405. The SCH-i400 is the Samsung Continuum, another Galaxy S variant that went to Verizon, so this may end up being simply the Epic for Big Red, but we’ll have to wait and see

We’re still waiting to hear when the Galaxy S II will come to American carriers, including Verizon, so its hard to get too excited about what seems like a midrange Galaxy S copy. The Epic 4G has one of the best slide-out keyboards to ever be on a higher-end Android phone. If you are looking for a midrange slide out keyboard, or the upcoming Droid 3 isn’t your cup of tea, then this phone may be your new Android in a few months.

Spec-wise we have little to no info on the device. It does look like the Epic 4G, but this version probably lacks any sort of 4G, as Verizon is still heavily promoting its LTE network, and we would have heard something more about this device by now. If this fancy new slider looks like your cup of tea, keep your eyes here for more info as it comes in!.

[via PocketNow]