We reported at the end of last week that there were rumors of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1’s being sold with unlocked bootloaders. Now it appears those rumors are true, as a dev over at XDA has found a way to flash ClockWorkMod Recovery onto the tablets that have unlocked bootloaders.

ClockWorkMod has historically been one of the first steps towards more exciting hacks and tweaks for Android devices. Custom recoveries like ClockWorkMod allow users to easily flash custom ROMs and kernels. We’ve had CWM on the Google IO version for awhile now, and that’s how the developer in question, shep211, managed to flash CWM on the retail version.

The developer’s current method flashes the stock IO recovery to the retail version first, then CWM over it. This process is, unfortunately, not the simplest method we’ve seen for getting a custom recovery onto a device. So if you were lucky enough to get an unlocked tablet, and know you’re way around the Windows’ Command Prompt, download it and give it a go.

At this time, there isn’t too much to do with the recovery, other than the ever-useful Nandroid backup abilities. If you are a developer though, looking to work on the Galaxy Tab, then by all means, grab it and get to work. Furthermore, shep211 is still working on getting the recovery to locked devices, since he does not have one. If you have a tablet with its bootloader still locked, and are knowledgeable and willing enough to contribute, contact him in his thread on XDA and offer to help.

[via XDA]