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Do You Live in a Green State?

Forget red and blue states. Mobile advertising firm Jumptap has a lovely infographic that shows us the majority we really care about here, most dominant smartphone OS of course. The chart highlights each state showing whether Android, iOS, or Blackberry is the most dominant (or if there's a tie).

Google Responds to Microsoft Tweet Regarding Patents

Google has made an update to the blog post yesterday regarding the recent patent lawsuits aimed at Android and its OEM partners. This update is a response to a tweet from a Microsoft employee, calling out Google, saying that Microsoft invited Google to join their collective bid for patents recently. Google outlines their strategic reasons for turning it down.

Verizon LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is Rooted and Hacked to Run Netflix

This isn't much of a surprise, since we've already seen root for the Google IO and retail WiFi versions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but happy news none-the-less. Verizon's new LTE-toting version of the world's slimmest Android tablet is officially rooted thanks to the fellows at XDA. With root comes all your favorite hacks and mods, including the ability to stream your Netflix movies, over that screaming fast LTE.

Google Speaks Out against Patent Attacks on Android

Google has decided to speak out against the slew of lawsuits, mostly in regards to patents, that have been slung at Android recently. Denouncing the attacks as a "hostile organized campaign" by the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, and others. The post, from Google's Chief Legal Officer, says that Google's is looking into a number of ways to defend against these legal attacks, which Google says are being used in lieu of innovation as a means of competing with Android.

Google+ Android App Update Improves Huddles and Notifications

Google+'s Android app brings all the joys of Google's new social network to a sleek looking smartphone interface. It hasn't been free of hitches though, especially in regards to notification issues. Google's got an update in the Android Market which makes notifications better all around, as well as bringing improvements to the often under-appreciated huddles feature.

Motorola Working on New Smartwatch?

All of a sudden watches are apparently "in." Just this morning we talked about WIMM Labs' new "Wearable Android Platform," and now someone's sent out images of what is supposedly an upcoming smartwatch by Motorola. Android has been ported to all sorts of devices, obviously none as successful as phones. Will Moto's latest attempt to push smart device boundaries bring our little green buddy along for the ride?

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, Play, and Arc Soon to get Official CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod, everybody's (or at least my) favorite custom ROM is in line to make its way to several of Sony Ericsson's latest devices. Earlier this year SE made developers overjoyed when it announced plans to help owners of its latest phones unlock their bootloaders at the cost of official updates and warranties. That freedom is about to pay off as code for bringing CM 7.1 to the Xperia Neo, Play, and Arc is currently awaiting official approval.

Sony S1 and S2 Details Leak, Including Possible Announcement Date

Some new details just came to light regarding Sony's pair of upcoming Android tablets. The pair of devices were shown off to a lucky few last month, but have not been officially announced yet (S1 and S2 are still code names). A source has spoken up revealing several new tidbits about the pair, including that Sony is expected to announce them officially just before the IFA trade show in Berlin, which takes place September 2-7.

Samsung Galaxy S II Being Sold for less than $20 by Bell Canada [Update: It was a Glitch]

Well now I just feel like Canada's making fun of me. The Samsung Galaxy S II may be a few months old to the rest of the world but its still the king of Android phones right now. The super slim Samsung phone was released on Bell Mobility in Canada just over a week ago, and now Bell is offering the king for just $19.95 Candian with a three year contract. Three years is a long time in the smartphone world, but considering Americans still have to shell out upwards of $600 to $700 to import a Galaxy S II, this contract may be worth it.
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