CyanogenMod, everybody’s (or at least my) favorite custom ROM is in line to make its way to several of Sony Ericsson’s latest devices. Earlier this year SE made developers overjoyed when it announced plans to help owners of its latest phones unlock their bootloaders at the cost of official updates and warranties. That freedom is about to pay off as code for bringing CM 7.1 to the Xperia Neo, Play, and Arc is currently awaiting official approval.

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular ROMs around, being ported to a number of phones other ROMs could only dream of. Sony Ericsson’s latest Xperia devices may not be the most cutting edge devices technically, but CyanogenMod is going to go a long way to making these devices more awesome.

CyanogenMod strips off UI overlays, and gives you back the feel of stock Android. The other benefit of official CM support is that CyanogenMod upgrades much faster than official ROMS (unless you happen to have a Nexus phone). This is means Xperia owners will be able to unlock their phones without worrying about the loss of SE’s official updates.

The Xperia Arc, Neo, and Play specific code is currently biding its time in CyanogenMod’s Gerrit review system. This usually means that CM is essentially stable enough for nightly builds. To maintain its high standards though, the build has to be approved by the CyanogenMod team first though. Keep an eye here, as we’ll be sure to let you know once the builds are approved and nightlies are posted.

[via CyanogenMod Gerrit]