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Verizon HTC Android device, EVO Killer With Keyboard?

Spotted over at the FCC was this large HTC handset wearing Verizon's wedding ring. We do not know if this is a Droid phone but by the looks of things, this could be called the Droid King. Looks as though the phone is sporting a 4 inch display with a slide out keyboard, dressed in that all to famous Verizon red.

E-Noa Interpad Tablet Hands-On

Another unfinished tablet that we were able to get our hands on at IFA-2010, was the Interpad by E-Noa. This 10 inch slate had Android 2.2 installed, and E-Noa said that there is a custom skin in the works to go on top of it. They are keeping the lid tight on the details of the skin, until it is ready for prime time.

Google Music, The iTunes Killer?

Sources are saying that Google really wants to have their music service up and running by this Christmas. The plans Google has are, to allow music downloads along with the streaming of music to rival Apple's iTunes Store. Andy Rubin is said to be having conversations with the labels to let them know how the service will look and run. Talk was made at this years Google I/O conference about the service coming later this year, and here we are at the start of September and we still have not seen or heard of anything confirmed.

Android Now Accounted for 25% Of Mobile Web Traffic

Android is slowly moving up the scale when it comes to web consumption, says Quantcast. Since November of 2009 Android has made it's biggest gain and is up to 25%. Compared to last year, they are up 17% on the scale. What's odd is Steve Jobs says more and more iOS devices are in the hands of people but the numbers are down from almost 70% to 56%.

Droid R2-D2 Ready To Be Docked

Unless you just really do not like Star Wars how can you not think this looks cool? Verizon has puzzle challenges on their website that leak information about the Droid R2-D2 as you figure out the puzzles. Yesterday the pics of the docks were unlocked and--not that they perform or operate any better than the standard Droid 2--we think they look really cool.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Unboxing And First Look

Android Community has received a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for AT&T to review and had a chance to unbox it, along with take a first look at the hardware. The device currently runs Android 1.6 and has Sony's skin with Timescape and Mediascape on board. It has a 4 inch LCD display, with Wi-Fi, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack, SD card slot and 2GB card included along with 429MB of internal storage for apps. We will put in some time with the device and put the pressure on it to see how it holds up, and how Sony's skin is in everyday use. While we are doing that check out the unboxing and first look below to see what the phone has in store. [vms ceec564a00115c4d2133]

ViewSonic ViewPad 100 For You Android Dual-Boot Lovers

ViewSonic is working on a tablet that isn't ready for primetime that dual-boots the Android OS, along with Windows 7. This is a 10 inch device (1024x600) that has 2 point finger multi-touch, and is running an Atom N455 processor paired with 1GB of DDR3 memory. This is basically a netbook replacement that has lost its hardware keyboard.

Angry Birds Available In The Marketplace

So we knew it was coming, but now it is official. Tap on over to the Marketplace on your Android equipped phone and search for Angry Birds. You will be busy all night playing this addictive game if you are a fan. We do have to say, we installed it on our Nexus One and it ran and looked just as expected. The graphics were very crisp and clear and the game play was right on par. Keep the good games coming for Android. Download Link If you can't see Angry Birds in the Market, you can head over HERE to get the APK to side load it. [gallery]
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