So you had to know that once wasn’t enough when the hit of the IFA-2010 event, the Galaxy Tab is in the building. After spending some more quality time with the Galaxy Tab, we still have the same positive outlook that we had on our first hands on impressions. So for your viewing pleasure we have, went back and gotten more pictures and videos, enjoy.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab still fits very well in hand and surprisingly will fit in a jacket pocket without ripping the seams. You can also see that the screen real-estate is drastically bigger when put up against the 4 inch Galaxy S phone, and was not disappointing when compared to the Super AMOLED display in the phone. The larger screen has allowed for some better functionality with the email app and calendar app. The email app in landscape gives you a sizable two column view that supports POP, IMAP and Exchange, that will allow you to quickly switch between different accounts.

Current apps that you get in the Marketplace are not designed to run at a resolution of 1024 x 600, so Samsung has built in some app-resizing that stretches the current software. It is quite surprising at how good the apps do actually look. Running the HDMI dock you will be able to output full 1080p video to your HDTV along with 5.1 channel surround sound, which is another very welcomed addition.

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We did hear some pricing rumors yesterday and Samsung is still keeping the lid tight on that because they are (just like we thought) working with the carriers on pricing and subsidy options. However Samsung is preparing the tablet to be available to multiple carriers just like they have done with their Galaxy S phones.

The Galaxy Tab will actually launch in Italy first, later in September, shortly followed by the UK before the end of the month (we’ve heard Vodafone are the likely carrier, though obviously Samsung wouldn’t confirm that). Samsung told us that this is the first of many tablets that they have in store for us, and plans for expanding the line in 2011 are imminent. We do highly expect to see bigger screened tablets available especially when they mentioned Android 3.0 and 3.5 yesterday.

Samsung has also said that they are working closely with Google to share code, so that will allow them to stay on top of the updates and allow minimal work to get Android running on the larger displays. Overall we are excited about the Galaxy Tab and think it is really cool. Hopefully, it will be available through several carriers, we are hearing the rumors it is coming to Sprint just this morning. In the mean time keep your browser home page set to Android Community to see how it unfolds.

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