Announced today at IFA-2010 was a little handset called the Ideos, by Huawei. This will be a Vanilla 2.2 Android device that has a 2.8 inch capacitive display with a resolution of 320×240, and 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera without a flash. Providing power to the device is an underpowered 528MHz processor, along with HSDPA, Wi-Fi, and micro SD card slot.

This is defiantly a low-end device and will not have Flash running as we heard earlier today, but the most intriguing thing about the phone is that, it has the official Google labeling on it. Huawei says, they have been involved with Google and that means when the updates to the OS come out direct from Google, the devices will be some of the first to get the updates (like we have seen on the Nexus One.) The price is said to be around $175 without a contract and there is not any official word on whether the device will be available in the US yet.

[via Boy Genius Report]



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