T-Mobile is in talks with Huawei to possibly distribute the new handset that we recently got our hands on in IFA-2010. They are hoping to have have it available by this holiday season.

The Stock 2.2 Android phone sports a 2.8 inch capacitive touch screen, with a resolution of 320×240, 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, 528 MHz processor, Wi-Fi, and micro SD card slot. Huawei has said the phone will be around $175 full retail, and we do not know what it would be on contract if T-Mobile brings it to their line up.

Nothing has been confirmed officially of course, but this phone would be on the lower end, entry-level side of T-Mobile’s handsets. Holiday season is not far away and we are looking forward to hearing something official.

[via Boy Benius Report]


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