Sources are saying that Google really wants to have their music service up and running by this Christmas. The plans Google has are, to allow music downloads along with the streaming of music to rival Apple’s iTunes Store. Andy Rubin is said to be having conversations with the labels to let them know how the service will look and run. Talk was made at this years Google I/O conference about the service coming later this year, and here we are at the start of September and we still have not seen or heard of anything confirmed.

Supposedly, from two sources, we heard that Google was planning to release the service with the newest version of Android or when 3.0 comes out and it looks like things are right on course. Google, as of right now, has not signed with any labels to get started on the music service, but if they are planning to launch it by Christmas they should be getting some details ironed out soon. We hope it comes soon because this has been one of the things that Apple has had an advantage on, against Google for a while. It would help make the competition even that much more tough. Where is that import iTunes music library button going to be again?

[via SlashGear]