Sony Xperia Z1 tipped to sport IR blaster, 32 GB storage in Japan

For whatever reason, justified or not, it has become common practice to sometimes have variations of the same device model for different countries. While majority of those differences are usually related to network support, it seems that Sony is making quite a substantial difference in its latest Xperia Z1 flagship exclusively for Japan.

Ematic EGP008 revealed, 8-inch tablet with budget price tag

If you're an Android user but find the 8-inch form factor of the iPad Mini more ideal than the common 7- or 10.1 inch variety of Android tablets, then Ematic might have the device just for you. Introducing the EGP008, a Android tablet that might just be the right size and definitely the right price.

Solution57 Remote Application Framework brings multi-screen to Android

Multiple screens attached to a single device has long been a property of desktop or laptop systems but has so far been a moving target on mobile, with the exception of Apple's AirPlay. That may soon be history as embedded software solutions company Solution57 outs its framework that will bring the much desired functionality to the Android platform.

Lenovo Vibe Z K910 unveiled in China

Lenovo isn't a brand you'd immediately associate with Android smartphones, but the company definitely wants to change that perception. It has just recently announced the Vibe Z K910 phablet in China that, as far as specs are concerned, rivals most smartphones of this generation.

T-Mobile phases out Classic Plans at third party retailers

When T-Mobile began rolling out their “UnCarrier” approach to mobile, part of that plan was unsubsidized devices. In moving their company stores away from subsidized plans, they let the third party stores continue to offer devices with contracts. WalMart, Target, Costco -- all offering subsidized devices when T-Mobile didn’t.
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