We’ve seen some suspect pics, and the now infamous KitKat statue video, but this is the clearest sample we’ve seen yet. On a post in the Mac Rumors forums, a user was poking a bit of fun at Google’s rumor mill. In doing so, he posted the clearest example of the new Nexus we’ve seen yet.

Aesthetically, this is the same design we’ve seen in past shots or renders. This image just looks a bit more polished, suggesting it could be a final hardware for a fall release. The image itself looks very real, as the shading and such are hard to mimic.

If this is the new Nexus, we’re hoping it keeps what was good about the Nexus 4 and builds on it. While the glass back on the Nexus 4 was suspect for a few who broke it, the sloped glass on the sides of the screen make navigation a pleasure. This new back seems to keep the design format of the new Nexus 7, and would be the first time Google had a phone and tablet with the same stylistic cues.

This picture doesn’t give a good comparison to any other device, so we’re still not sure if the 4.96-inch screen we’ve heard of is realistic. While some very adept sleuths have found the hardware specs, and the FCC filing also hinted at a few, but we won’t really know until it’s announced — whenever that is.

VIA: Droid Life



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