It may have taken Verizon Wireless a bit longer to launch the HTC One, however it doesn’t appear as if they are going to let the updates linger. In fact, Big Red has recently detailed a software update for the handset. This one is arriving as software version 1.10.605.10 and although this update is on the smaller side, given some of the items in the changelog, it does appear to be one that will be worth grabbing.

Diving right in here, the changelog contains three items — one dealing with device lock-ups and the other two dealing with the visually impaired and ISIS. The changelog reads as follows;

  • Device lock-ups have been reduced
  • Internet accessibility for the visually impaired is now supported
  • Update to ISIS Mobile Wallet

Given the current availability of ISIS, that is the item of less importance. In fact, we suspect more Verizon HTC One users would be happier had the changelog arrived with mention of ISIS being removed. Of course, back in July there was talk of ISIS rolling out nationally later this year, so in the end, that may prove useful for some.

The other curious item is the device lock-ups. We aren’t going to complain about an update that improves performance, but we haven’t heard many complaints dealing with lock-ups.

Anyway, those with an HTC One should be on the lookout for an update notification to arrive on their handset. Or for those looking to take the more pro-active approach, you can try heading into the settings and grabbing the update sooner. Those looking to take that route should navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Phone Update -> Check for Update to get going.

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