GALAXY S 4 under attack in latest Windows Phone commercial

Sigh. I don't even know where to start with this one. The folks over at Microsoft have a new commercial that's making the rounds where they've put the flagship and top-tier Samsung GALAXY S 4 against the Nokia Lumia 521. Yes the budget friendly 521 and it's 1 GHz dual-core processor and low price is being compared to the king of all Android phones. It's pretty comical so take a peek below.

After Earth game brings another endless runner to Android

Earlier today we mentioned a game being released to accompany the movie with World War Z, and now we're seeing the same thing for the upcoming action film After Earth. Will Smith style and all. In a partnership with Sony Pictures, the team at Reliance Games is releasing a new game for Android and other mobile devices, called After Earth. It's basically an endless runner but it actually could be pretty fun so take a peek below.

Motorola: digital tattoos and vitamin authentication pills are the future

At the big D11 conference yesterday we learned a lot about Google and Motorola's plans. Obviously a lot of their focus is on the upcoming Motorola X-Phone, but the company is also looking into the future too. With wearable computing like Google Glass and beyond quickly approaching our daily lives, Motorola wants to be at the front of the pack with many new technologies. Things like digital tattoos and even pills that you can swallow to replace your passwords.

DROID DNA Sense 5 update tipped for a summer arrival

Much of the recent DROID DNA talk has been focused on the topic of the HTC One. Specifically, as to whether or not the HTC One is coming to Verizon Wireless as the replacement for the now six-month old DROID DNA. Assuming you are a Verizon user that is eligible, or close to being eligible for an upgrade, those talks were probably what you wanted to hear. On the flip side though, there are plenty of DROID DNA users that are going to be tied to an agreement for quite a bit longer and that group is most likely thinking of updates.

Swype update brings improved word prediction and Dragon Dictation UI

After a seemingly never ending beta period, Nuance Communications released the Swype keyboard app into the Google Play Store in late-April. While the Play Store version of the app should have been familiar to anyone that had been using the beta release, it did come with a price to pay. Specifically, the Swype app arrived priced at $0.99. And while we suspect some long time beta users may have had a hard time paying, there is one perk that has come as a result of parting with that dollar.

Motorola “Google Edition” phones up next

When Google purchased Motorola for over $12 billion in 2011, many (myself included) thought Motorola would be the first company to release what we're now seeing as Google or Nexus experience phones. However, Samsung managed to beat them to the punch, and now even HTC. What gives? Google told us they built a firewall between Android and Motorola, but could the next wave of Motorola phones all be Google Editions? Yup. Fantasy Football app update finally makes it useful

The NBA playoffs are both a good thing, and a bad thing for people like myself. They keep me somewhat entertained while patiently waiting for the NFL season to return, but also remind me just how much better Football really is. These last few months as we wait for even pre-season to start seem to take forever, and while we're waiting the folks from are getting ready for the 2013 NFL season.

Google Wallet for the Verizon GALAXY S 4

Verizon users haven't really been able to use Google Wallet on their devices. Verizon opted to go with ISIS for mobile payments and despite seeing frequent complaints from users, that doesn't appear like it will be changing any time soon. Basically, Verizon Wireless users have been blocked from using Google Wallet. That would be the standard rule here, however there is the option to run Google Wallet if you are willing to do a bit of work to make it happen.

World War Z blockbuster brings the zombies to Android

While we already have enough zombie-inspired games on Android, today one was released by the popular Phosphor Games Studio in collaboration with the upcoming movie starring Brad Pitt, World War Z. There's some impressive looking movies coming out in 2013 (like Superman) but I'm oddly excited for World War Z too, even if the title is god awful. However, we now have a pretty stellar looking game to play at the same time.

HTC M4 spied alongside a Sony Togari phablet

A seemingly innocent image recently appeared on Twitter. At first glance it would appear to be nothing more than a collection of smartphones, however with a bit of a closer look, there seems to be a few unannounced handsets sitting in plain site. The image is showing what appears to be an HTC M4 as well as a Sony handset currently sporting a codename of Togari.
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