At the big D11 conference yesterday we learned a lot about Google and Motorola‘s plans. Obviously a lot of their focus is on the upcoming Motorola X-Phone, but the company is also looking into the future too. With wearable computing like Google Glass and beyond quickly approaching our daily lives, Motorola wants to be at the front of the pack with many new technologies. Things like digital tattoos and even pills that you can swallow to replace your passwords.

Pretty crazy stuff when you really think about it. At the event Regina Dugan, SVP for Advanced Technology and projects at Motorola, showed off some rather neat technology that’s current under development. One being a digital tattoo that users can wear for over a week. This would cut down on the authentication and password processes we go through multiple times daily with our gadgets.

Imagine a simple tattoo you could wear for a week or longer. You wouldn’t need slide to unlock or other passcode access measures on your smartphone. It would know you’re the one using it, and thus remove those authentication measures. If someone else tries to access a device or wearable, they won’t be so lucky. This is just one of many neat things, but the next one is even more bizarre. Imagine taking a pill that will do this all too. Yes, that’s real too and apparently already cleared the FDA.


The “smart pills” come from Proteus Digital Health that you can swallow and then are powered by the acid in the users stomach. Eww right? We wonder how long they last and how exactly this works. These pills create an 18-bit signal in your body which acts as your own personal “authentication token.” That’s just creepy if you ask me. Would you take one each morning with your daily vitamins and medication?

In the end we won’t be seeing anything like this anytime soon. Google’s working on the next-gen Motorola X-Phone with all types of next-gen sensors and such, but vitamin authentication pills and tattoos are still a long ways away.

SOURCE: SlashGear


  1. How about an RFID chip implant for the palm of your primary hand that unlocks your devices as soon as you take them in the hand. I had that idea since Smartlinks in Shadowrun, surprised it hasn’t come about yet, in fact.

    I’d definitely consider it as long as the tech stayed completely user customizable / administrable.

    • If it’s customizable/administrable then it’s hackable. I’d rather have something hardcoded that expires, like the digital tattoo.

  2. if they could some how customize the barcode/RFID ID with some of your biometrics to make it 100% unique that would be cool… unless someone cut your arm or stole some blood, it would work for most of us.


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