The NBA playoffs are both a good thing, and a bad thing for people like myself. They keep me somewhat entertained while patiently waiting for the NFL season to return, but also remind me just how much better Football really is. These last few months as we wait for even pre-season to start seem to take forever, and while we’re waiting the folks from are getting ready for the 2013 NFL season.

Today and their Fantasy Football app was updated for the new season, and along with it comes tons of changes. The app actually works now. For some odd and ridiculous reason most users couldn’t even use the app last year, myself included, so it’s nice to see it finally updated with a working and decent UI. It’s a blend between Android and iOS in terms of the look, but at least it works!

Now it has all the players, stats, record listings, updated news feeds and much more. Being able to see player stats, injury reports and more is nice (that’s what Bleacher Report is for) and the only important part for me was the UI, and actually being able to manage my Fantasy Team. Last year 90% of the buttons weren’t working in the app, which is depressing for the official NFL app, so at least they’ve fixed that.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 12.18.49 PM

You’ll be able to manage multiple teams in a way that is actually useful with the app this year, and you can even draft and prepare your league as we speak. I’ve done a mock draft or two already, but won’t be doing anything official until we get closer to the season. For all you die hard NFL and Fantasy fans, get the new app below, and hold on because the season is coming soon enough.

Oh and go Packers! (Booya)

SOURCE: Play Store