Steve Wozniak shows us his travel bag full of gadgets – Android included

If you're like me you probably carry around more than one or two gadgets on a daily basis. Between multiple phones, an extra battery, and usual a tablet I do pretty well -- but nothing compared to some. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak decided to share with the world what all he carries around when he travels. His travel bag must be pretty darn big because he packs an arsenal of gadgets.

Nexus 7: Top 5 games for your new tablet

It's here! Google's hotly anticipated first production tablet, the Nexus 7 is finally landing in users hands this week (and late last week too.) Now that you've got an impressive 7-inch tablet with a powerful NVIDIA quad-core processor under the hood we figured you'd like to know of a few games worth checking out. Here's some of our absolute favorites that work great on the Nexus 7.

Gmail chief developer heads to Google’s Project Glass team

Google's impressive new wearable technology called Project Glass has a lot of people excited. After all the small bits of information we've received it's safe to say I want a pair myself. Today we can confirm the augmented reality Project Glass team has snatched up one of Gmails head community outreach developers. Sarah Price will be going from email, to glasses.

Kyocera Hydro heads to Boost Mobile in August

Kyocera's latest waterproof Android handset, the Kyocera Hydro, finally has a carrier. Kyocera announced today that the Hydro will be available at Boost Mobile starting August 3 and will run you $129.99. With that price, the phone itself isn't too terrible a choice if you're in the market for a budget handset, especially if you find yourself getting completely soaked on a consistent basis.

LG Optimus Vu 5-inch phablet headed to Verizon

Samsung isn't the only carrier on the block with a 5-inch or bigger "phablet" on Android. LG and their Optimus Vu is apparently headed for Verizon with 4G LTE after some leaked pictures of the device seemingly confirmed its fate. There was rumors of the Galaxy Note for Verizon as the Journal, but it looks like LG will get the go ahead instead.

Samsung buys chipmaker CSR’s technology and patents

Today Samsung has acquired the chipmaker company CSR's wireless handset technology and patents for the tune of around $310 million. CSR is a UK technology company that mainly deals in single-chip Bluetooth solutions for smartphones and other mobile devices. Along with buying out their technology they've also acquired a large set of patents. Cheers for playing a little defense Samsung!

Nexus 7 stock running out, 16GB model shipping delayed 3 weeks

At the tail end of last week Google finally started shipping orders of their new and impressive Nexus 7 tablet to those who ordered from the Play Store. Along with several retailers like Gamestop, Staples, and Sam's Club. Today however Google's own Play Store has now changed their shipping status for the 16GB version from 1 week, to 3-4 weeks.

OnLive promises support for Universal Controller on Nexus 7

Mobile gamers planning to purchase a new Google Nexus 7 tablet that also enjoy OnLive cloud-based gaming will soon have support for the Universal Controller on Google's new tablet. OnLive support has confirmed that it is working on bringing support for the OnLive Universal Controller to Nexus 7 users. The company said, "We don’t have support out for it yet, but we hope to shortly."

CA-Fi 621000 Universal in-car Android infotainment system unveiled

Over the last few years, there have been several in-car infotainment systems that have hit the market running the Android operating system. CA-Fi offered a system in the fall of 2011 called the Ca-Fi 620800 Universal. The system had a few caveats, namely it used a resistive touchscreen that required hard presses or stylus to operate.