Motorola’s different tweaks and changes to the Android operating system has never really been something I’ve admired. Then I saw their new Motorola Atrix HD and what they are calling the Motorola “Circle Widget” and I instantly wanted it. It’s one of the better all-in-one weather, clock, and battery widgets we’ve seen lately — and now has been pulled so others can enjoy it too.

Motorola and AT&T’s new Atrix HD becomes available on Sunday the 15th, and you can see our initial device hands-on here. If you don’t want to wait or have some other device but loved the look of that impressive new widget here’s how you can get it yourself right now. It does take a little tweaking, but is very simple.


-Unzip the 3 APK’s from the zip
-Install all 3 apps
-Launch the new Atrix launcher and simply add the circle widget!

It looks like you’ll have to use the Motorola ICS launcher for now, so unless you have a DROID RAZR or another recent Motorola ICS build, you’ll have to use their launcher specifically. The new widget is quite neat if you ask me, I’m really liking these new changes from Motorola.

Stay tuned for our full Atrix HD review coming early next week, or get your own Sunday from AT&T for just $99.

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[via Droid-Life]