We are still confused with this bizarre Google Nexus 7 tablet release, but now have multiple confirmations that the device is being shipped from multiple channels across the US and UK. Here in the US Gamestop and Staples are both not able to “sell” the tablet today, but are allowing those who pre-ordered to head down to a store and pickup the tablet, and Ebuyer in the UK shipped multiple out yesterday, and they are arriving this very moment.

Reports are coming in from multiple channels all confirming that the tablet is being shipped today. Although those who pre-ordered from Google themselves still seem to be waiting for a “shipped” confirmation. A few tips suggests Google is charging pre-orders now and getting ready, but that’s all we’ve heard. GottaBeMobile confirmed themselves with Gamestop that they are available in-store right now, but only for those who’ve pre-ordered.

Apparently you can’t walk in and buy one just yet, as this is only for those who ordered early. Most likely a few are still falling through the cracks as Droid-Life reported at least one customer walked out a happy camper. Then of course for you in the UK the Nexus 7 is shipping from multiple outlets there as well. EBuyer started shipping tablets yesterday, and the picture above is from one of their customers. Basically multiple outlets in both the US, UK, and other areas are all starting distribution on the Nexus 7 tablet. For such an amazing product I sure wish the launch would be going a little smoother, but sadly it isn’t.

If you’ve already received your Nexus 7 be sure to drop us any info available in the comment section below. We’d all love to hear where it came from. Good luck and happy hunting guys. I’d be heading to my nearest Staples or Gamestop right about now.

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— Thanks Steven!