For those that love Android gaming we have a new offer for you. If you find yourself spending more than $5 or so a month on Android smartphone and tablet games a new subscription based service by Verizon might be just what you’re looking for. It’s like Netflix or Gamefly (in a way) although you seem to be limited to their specific apps they’ve chosen for you. More details can be had below.

Yup. I’m not sure if we need it or not, but Verizon has launched a fee-based subscription gaming service for Android. Complete with around 100 games for smartphones, and 50 that have been optimized or are specific to Android tablets. There’s a catch though — this is only for Verizon Wireless users.

We’ve seen GameTanium before but now that Verizon scooped it up they have the exclusive access. Users get an all-you-can-play buffet of Android games for the low price of $5.99 a month. We aren’t sure how popular this will be but using it specifically during a vacation or during the summer months out of school could give it some potential. Games like Fruit Ninja, EVAC, World of Goo, and Doodle Gods are great games, but I’m not sure they warrant the monthly fee. This will succeed or fail based on the content provided, so it will be interesting to see what GameTanium and Verizon do with it.

Are you interested in paying a monthly fee for Android smartphone and tablet gaming? Or does this seem like a stretch for now? As a reminder this is only for those using a Verizon phone and Verizon data service. You can enjoy a free 3-day trial first, then decide if this is for you. Head to the via link below for additional details.

[via Verizon]