ZTE Smart 7″ Android Tab clears the FCC

We saw the ZTE Smart tablets back at IFA 2011 but no details confirmed where it would launch. Now the 7" Honeycomb tablet from ZTE has cleared the FCC making us hopeful it will see a U.S launch soon. It's about time we get a few more 7" tablets in for some competition although I have a feeling we'll have plenty to choose from very soon.

ASUS TOUGH Android Honeycomb 7″ tab hits Japan

We've seen plenty of smartphones over the recent past released that are tough, water resistant, and can handle most situations but we haven't seen many for Android Honeycomb tablets. Today ASUS has unveiled the ASUS TOUGH ETBW11AA Tablet. The ASUS TOUGH is both water, and dust resistant, and comes with 4G WiMAX as well an impressive 1280x800 resolution all on that 7" frame.

Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications unveils WiMax Arrows Z Android smartphone

Japan is set to get a new smartphone that runs the Android operating system from Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications and the device sounds pretty cool. The phone is the Arrows Z ISW11F and the device is waterproof to IPX5/8 to protect it from spills and splashes. The company says that it is targeting men from 25-40. However, there is a pink version for the ladies that want to get the phone too.

Edmunds updates Android app for used car shoppers

Edmunds has been offering an app for the car shoppers out there for a while now that runs on the Android platform. The app is interesting and useful for car shoppers, but the catch so far has been that the app only offered access to prices on new cars. Edmunds has announced an update to the app that adds the ability to get prices on used cars. This will make the app much more useful to shoppers.

HTC Sensation 4G gets twice the battery life with Mugen Power

The HTC Sensation smartphone has been around for a while now. We reviewed the smartphone back in May when it first launched. If you use the Sensation and would like to have more run time, you can get a LOT more battery life if you swap the battery inside your device with a new offering from Mugen Power. Mugen Power has a new battery for the HTC Sensation that is available now.

Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy S II HD LTE hit Korea

Samsung is showing off new versions of the awesome Galaxy S II smartphone that is selling in droves. So far, the Galaxy S II has sold 10 million phones around the world and continuous to sell strongly. Samsung has announced a couple new versions of the smartphone that are landing in Korea. The new smartphones include the Galaxy S II LTE and the Galaxy S II HD LTE. As you can guess, both of the new phones support 4G connectivity via LTE technology.

Huawei Honor official: 1.4GHz 4-inch Android on a budget

We've known the Huawei Honor (aka Glory) was going to be impressive from the early spec suggestions, but the company's latest Android phone has been made official and it could well shine. Packing a 1.4GHz single-core processor, 8-megapixel camera and a 4-inch WVGA display, the Honor promises Android 2.3.5 performance at an affordable level. The main camera has autofocus and takes HDR images, while the front-facing camera runs to 2-megapixels. There's triband UMTS/HSPA+ (900/AWS/2100) along with quadband GSM/EDGE, WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, as well as GPS/A-GPS, an FM radio, all the usual sensors and DLNA support. One minor shortcoming is the RAM, which comes in at 512MB where we'd liked to have seen 1GB. 4GB of ROM and a microSD card slot are available for user-storage, and the 10.9mm thick chassis has a microUSB port and dual microphones. Huawei will throw in 160GB of cloud storage, too, while the battery is a 1,900mAh pack. Huawei isn't talking pricing today, but originally there were mutterings of $300 unlocked and SIM-free. That would be an impressive figure when the Honor drops in China, Russia and the Middle East in Q4 2011 this year.