CF-Bench Multicore Benchmark Updated to 1.1, Pro Version Added to Market

So you were there yesterday when this multicore capable benchmarking system CF-Bench, aka ChainFire Bench was released, and everyone went crazy with the marking of the benches, right? Well check it out, overnight the folks at CF decided it was time for an update, basically right out the gate. Then they've got a PRO version as well which, as you guessed, gets rid of the advertisement so very prevalent near the top of the results page when you run a benchmark test. And the thing's still under 50 downloads - wacky!

Amazon Selling Atrix for One Cent

Joy of the days! The original dual-core monster (or so some say, some say not, but some say) is here for essentially free, finally, this time on Amazon, your favorite online dealer of the goods. What's more is that not only will you get this device that'd normally cost you $600 off-contract for one cent, you'll get a $100 voucher for that much off an Atrix laptop dock. What a deal, what a deal indeed - can you even contain yourself?

HTC EVO 3D Software Update, Deletable Bloatware at Launch

For all those of you who got their HTC EVO 3D early OR are getting their HTC EVO 3D tomorrow, I've got a couple of tidbits for you that might light your fire. First, there's a software update coming across that's 26.59MB large and in charge, and it'll fix a calendar bug that happens when you're rummaging around your calendar that'll force quit you on the spot. Second, the excellent news that you're able to delete SOME of your bloatware without root.

CyanogenMod 7 Nightlies Starting for HTC Incredible S

So you'd like to get some of the sweetest goodness on your Incredible S, yes? You'd like to grab that rooted device build everyone's talking about, that Android system that brings you to a whole new Gingerbread, the one with five syllables in it, huh? Yes indeed, The Cyanogenmod team took advantage of the recent Droid Incredible S permaroot with S-off and a bit of the ol' unlocking of the bootloader and mixed it all up with their own flavor of blue and green.

Archos 35 Home Connect Android Radio Specs Revealed, Looks Kinda Neat

Our good pals at Archos have really tossed the basketball at the tower of wine glasses today with news of their brand new Android lineup. They did SORT OF the same thing back in the day when they revealed the first Android tablet - turned out that wasn't so great - but this time it might be a set of winners. We've seen an Android landline phone, we've seen a couple of what might be magnificently powerful tablets, and now we've got some details on an Android radio. Wait, you say, isn't an Android handset all of these things, why separate? You shall see, young padawan.

Archos 35 Smart Home Phone Announced as Android Landline

Just when you thought the home phone was dead and gone for so long that it'd never come back, Archos hits you in the face with a new release. Android for your home. That's what they're saying this device is, and with a 3.5-inch touchscreen and a dock that you'll be proud to put in the sun-faded spot where your landline phone used to be. This device also has a wireless receiver separate from the dock and is compatible with all ADSL boxes, phone lines, and uses standard DECT protocols so you'll be rolling out fine with your everyday DECT bases you already own. You already own one, right? Of course you do.

HTC Glamor, a Handset for Feminine Style

Remember back when we spoke of a device called the HTC Bliss? T'was an HTC handset made for the ladies, or of course if you know that it's not just whats in your undercarriage that counts, for the more feminine amongst us, ladies or gentlemen. Well check it out: now there's another leak of a device that's bright as all get-out, and it's again coming from HTC. The folks as PocketNow have discovered another image with the name HTC Glamor attached to it - three devices, all with the same name, all on hangers.

Archos 80 G9 and 101 G9 Honeycomb Tablets Revealed, 250GB Hard Drives, Android Market in Tow

Well would you look at that, a couple o' Android tablets for you to be glancing at. These tablets were foretold back on the 1st of this month and foreseen for months. What we've got here is two tablets, one of them an 8-inch tablet by the name of 80 G9, the other a 10-inch tablet by the name of 101 G0. Both of these tablets have Android 3.1, both of them have the Android Market inside out of the box, and both have the option to work with a 250GB hard drive.

Update Atrix to Gingerbread, Get an Unlocked Bootloader

One more step, just one more step is all you need, and Motorola's claims to be moving toward an unlocked bootloader environment for all of their devices will become a reality for you. The folks over at BriefMobile have discovered a way to access an utterly excellent situation for your hacking delight - after you've got one of the leaked early builds of Gingerbread, that being Android 2.3.3 for the Motorola Atrix 4G, all you'll have to do is jam the traditional command “fastboot oem unlock" and BAM!

HTC EVO View Hands-On and Unboxing

We've got our hands on a brand new EVO View tablet, aka the black version of the HTC Flyer we've already gotten a peek at - and it's got a black stylus as well! What you're going to see here is a very similar situation to that lovely white and silver tablet, this one with the same stylus situation, ability to draw on the screen, screenshots on a tap, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a lovely version of Sense over the top. HTC's got a winner here, I can tell already, the black makes the whole situation all the better.