Let’s speak for a moment about a non-Android cousin of our favorite mobile operating system and it’s hardware buddies. The Nokia N9 with MeeGo in tow was introduced this week, our good pal Chris Davies getting his hands on several of these bright units for SlashGear with some great things to say about them. What’s been re-introduced today is a bit of software called Alien Dalvik, one that allows in this case Android applications to run on the Nokia N9 (which is indeed running MeeGo) – this opening a WHOLE new door for the device and indeed washing the device into the prospective pockets of a much larger cross-section of smartphone fans.

What Alien Dalvik does, as a refresher, is to allow developers and app stores to very easily repackage Android .apk files for this system, allowing them then to run on MeeGo hardware, in this case the brand new Nokia N9. Myriad, the group that represents the Alien Dalvik software, offers an Android SDK plugin that allows Android developers to tweak their apps as far as they like, allowing complex integrations with the hardware at hand. Even without tweaks as such, apps appear to be working here without modification – out of the box, as it were.

This is not the first time a group has attempted to bump their audience with a method for allowing Android applications – just a few months ago we first heard of RIM adding Android app support to the BlackBerry PlayBook, this news coming with a wave of oohs and ahhs until we realized the PlayBook wasn’t the rough and radical bit of hardware we’d hoped. That said, this Finnish piece of magic, the Nokia N9, is shaping up to be quite the magic maker, a bit of hardware that’s certain to entice more than a moderate share of folks looking to stay in or get in to the MeeGo game.

Myriad tells us that Alien Dalvik will be commercially available for the MeeGo platform sometime inside 2011. It’s important to note that this system will be available on OTHER os platforms as well later on, Myriad having yet to list more than a few. Thus far we’re aware that they’re targeting vehicle computers, an area that MeeGo is also aiming to work with – BMW, GM, Hyundai, Renault, Delphi and Peugeot-Citroen all appearing in this Chris Davies / SlashGear post on the subject.

For a full review of the hardware we’re talking about, the brand new Nokia N9, head over to SlashGear for some high-class hands-on.

Now lets have another look at this software in action:


[via SlashGear]