Motorola Bravo Gets App Sideloading via Enabler App

For those of you who love to take some apps from all over the place - aka the Amazon App Store, Getjar, and of course our good pal Gameloft, and are running a Motorola Bravo - weird! - you're in luck. Today Motorola has released an app by the name of "Sideload Enabler for BRAVO" to the Android Market. Officially this isn't the first time Motorola has enabled a feature by offering an app in the Android Market instead of sending it off over the air, and it sure won't be the last, by the looks of it.

Google Sites Moves to Auto Mobile Rendering, World Realizes Google Sites Exists

So, world of bloggers, do you know about Google Sites? Chances are you MIGHT know about it, but for those of you that don't: Google Sites is a place like the Geocities and Angelfire sites of old,, Tumblr and etc of new - aka its a site where you can make a site. You have the ability to create a website that's static, make it work as a blog, or even allows you to make a Wiki. What Google has announced today is that these sites have options where you're able to automatically adjust your cool created site for mobile. Now your Android will see what you WANT it to see on your Pet Shop blog.

DYZPlastic Hints at Next Android Toy Series for Summer 2011

We know them and we LOVE them, the Android toy series from DYZPlastic and artist Andrew Bell - you see them every freaking day here on Android Community as we use them for our product reviews and more - plus we've got a custom Angry Android running around here too! Thusly whenever we get news that our pals at DYZPlastic are releasing new models, well, we get pretty pumped up. Todays revelation comes in the form of a graphic with a secret code underneath: CCI / 072111 / DKE4728 / 4D4D / 10USD. Can you "figure" it out?

Leaked Handset Roadmap Includes Epic 2, Possible Galaxy S II for US Market

We've got wind of a leaked roadmap of CDMA devices for the handset market here in the USA, and a couple of them are rather high-class Android devices we're SURE you're going to want to hear about. Both of them are said to be coming out in the third quarter - this version being July through September - and will include two new versions of older very successful models. The first is the Samsung Epic 2. Everyone knows the cool sweetness of the original - this one's going to be ever so slightly better in just a couple o' ways. Then there's a "full touch 4G" device, whatever that means, coming from Samsung. Can you guess what it might be?

NTT DoCoMo gives Android users FlyScreen

FlyScreen debuted back in 2009 and is a cool interactive widget that replaces the lock screen on your Android device. The developer of the app is Cellogic and it has made a deal with NTT DoCoMo that will see FlyScreen be offered to all of the Android users on the Japanese carrier. A location-based services company called Brilliant will push FlyScreen out in Japan.

Year-long study finds Android devices more likely to develop hardware issues than other devices

A company called WDS has announced the results of a year-long study of Android smartphones that surveyed over 600,000 technical support calls. The study claims that of all the devices on the mobile phone market, ones powered by Android are most likely to have hardware problems. The study claims that 14% of all tech support calls for Android devices were related to a hardware fault.

Kona’s Crate game hits Android

It's Friday and if you don't feel like working and are on the prowl for a new game for your Android device Kona's Crate might be worth a look. The game looks interesting enough and has just landed for Android users. The game is physics based platform racer in a "magical, hidden world" that has players trying to deliver stars to Kona.

NVIDIA Optimizes Zinio for Android on Honeycomb Tablets

Just when you thought Zinio couldn't get any better, NVIDIA swoops in and flips the optimization switch. Zinio's digital newsstand application is now optimized for NVIDIA Tegra 2, working exclusively on the chipmaker's devices including Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, T-Mobile G-Slate by LG, LG Optimus Pad and Acer Iconia Tab A500. This application will be YOUR portal into the world of digital magazines and it's free on the Android market today.

comScore offers digital traffic stats for May 2011, Android dominates US smartphones

It's very clear that in the smartphone world the Android OS is dominating when it comes to the number of phones selling and popularity with buyers. The Android smartphone is also dominating when it comes to the number of people surfing the web on the OS, at least in some countries. The latest numbers from metrics firm comScore are in and they show the amount of non-computer device internet traffic based on OS. The stats are broken down by iOS, Android, other smartphones, and feature phones.

Nokia Android prototype caught in wild; N9 Android hacks could be straightforward

What looks to be a Nokia N9 prototype running Android has emerged in leaked images. Discovered over at the Weibo forums (1, 2; registration required) the images seem to show Android 2.3 Gingerbread on the new smartphone. Now, it's worth noting that a fake image showing the same thing would be relatively straightforward to put together, either 'shopping the screen onto a regular MeeGo-based N9 image, or - if you have access to the handset itself - simply loading on an Android screenshot and display it for the photos. Lending to the air of authenticity, however, is the source's track record; they apparently had access to photos of the "Sea Ray" Windows Phone prototype back in May. Nokia has previously said it considered Android instead of Windows phone, but opted for the Microsoft OS as it felt there was more room to differentiate itself. Knocking up a few prototype N9 units with the Google software doesn't seem too unlikely. As for when the MeeGo-based N9 launches, we're hearing it'll have a root-mode switch that should make unofficial installs of platforms like Android more straightforward when the smartphone is in the wild. [via Engadget]