Those who took the time to pre-order the newest installment in the EVO legacy from HTC should be getting those devices in the mail starting today. We’ve got reports pouring in from all over the United States telling us that, indeed, Android fans are getting their pre-ordered devices, some having gotten a shipping notice in their email box, some having received nothing but the package. All will be happy to know that you’re MORE than likely going to be getting your pre-ordered EVO 3D before the regular Friday release date – hooray!

For those of you still on the fence, you should know that we’ve taken the time to write up a rather intricate review of said device for your consumption. In this review you’ll see everything from hardware to software, benchmarks to example photos and video (both 2D and 3D), to a rather inebriated looking angry Andy messing with the chassis. Get away from there you naughty naughty Android, you know you shouldn’t be dranking so much oil in the afternoon!

For a lovely preview of said device, I’d like to offer you two items. First, an example of how nice the back-facing cameras takes macro photos:

Then the hands-on video that includes a mini look at the DEMO of the 3D Spiderman game this device contains.

[vms c4c78cafadb83d2888cb]

Now you should know that this is not the only 3D device that’s being jammed out the doors these days. There’s also the LG Thrill 3D, a device that up until now was known only as the LG Optimus 3D, a device that, yes, we do have a full review of right here. Take a look and get to comparing!

Also let us know the condition of the devices you’re getting in the mail because we’ve got at least a couple accounts of the boxes being a bit hit – more than likely though this is because of the shippers, not the manufacturer or the carrier.