What in the world is going on here, you might ask? An art project created by some rather creative folks over at little-known UK Phone site MyPhoneDeals, one with a rather amazing looking bit of artwork and a creative story to go with it. Look at this magnificent vision of a war-torn London being bashed by none other than a head-shaved Steve Jobs and an Ice Cream Sandwich eating Android! Steve’s for a lightening filled iCloud leaping through the air ready to crush the nonplussed Android with an Android logo printed on his front, and they’re taking the whole city for a joyride in their mutual hatred for one another!

This image is accompanied by a report of the battle being done between the two factions in the streets, Jobs on one side yelling “Customize THIS you naked openly-fragmented trash can!! Hyuk hyuk [sic]” while the Android responds that he’s “happy with its own cloud”. The whole battle began, says the report, when the Android passed by the Apple store on Regent Street, dropping bits of a gigantic Ice Cream Sandwich on approximately 48 people who were lined up for the iPhone 5 (which is said to be being released late this year or sometime in the first half of 2012, last we checked.

Word of other mobile OS fighters are spoken of as well, you’ll be able to see them in the image above as well if you look carefully: see the bubbly purple item in the center of the ground – that’s a BlackBerry. See the fruit next to the feet-up man in the debris? That’s a Mango, symbolizing the newest Windows Phone 7 OS. All of this is punctuated at the end of the story with word that MeeGo was seen running into a burning building several states away in Wisconsin before it collapsed – we hardly think so.

Click the image in the gallery below to get the full sized version for wallpaper download if you wish – we’re currently in the process of finding out the artist.

[via MyPhoneDeals]