That wily Android tablet we all know and love, the one put out by Barnes & Noble by the name of NOOK Color (or NOOKcolor if you remember how it was written at the onset) is now popping with several new titles this week! Included in this release are several apps that we’ll get to later in this post and some excellent digital picture books with over 15 never-before-seen interactive Disney Cars and Cars 2 titles. PLUS there’s 50 new “I Can Read” books – that being books that help your kids read, of course, plus brand new interactive versions of New York magazine, Motor Trend, and more.

Along with what’s already been listed, Barnes & Noble have worked with developers to bring several new fabulous apps over to the NOOK Color platform including Fandango, Evernote, Seesmic, Aces Hearts (card game which is a NOOK Color exclusive,) Astraware Tradewinds 2, and a collection of Bible-centric apps I’m sure SOME of you will be rather thrilled about. Strange that the folks at Barnes & Noble would present such a release with said religious-themed releases in it, seems controversial, wouldn’t you say?

Beyond that, Barnes & Noble lists the current top five downloaded apps on the NOOK Color platform as being Angry Birds, Astraware Mahjong, Quickoffice Pro, Drawing Pad and Aces Jewel Hunt. Along the Disney Cars 2 line, a movie that’s certainly fast approaching, are 15 interactive NOOK books for kids, this adding to an already decent collection of similar books which kids can tap, push, and have read to them in an interactive environment.

For a rather deep understanding of what it means to work with and own a NOOK Color, head over to SlashGear where your humble narrator has presented a “Week With” look at the device including photos, video, and everything you’ll need to bring you up to speed on Barnes & Noble’s impressive full-color reader device.