Google building Facial Recognition app to identify people by their face [False]

*Update: See bottom It looks like Google is at it again with another innovative idea. According to the CNN piece on it, it seems some are worried about privacy issues regarding this app from the search and ad giant. Google apparently has a mobile app that is currently under way that will use facial recognition software to identify people by their faces. The kicker here that has them worried is the main function. You snap a photo of someones face and the app will use it to access their personal information. From email and phone number, to possibly even pictures and their address.

Fruit Ninja for Android free today on Amazon Appstore

For those that thought the Amazon free app a day would just be a gimmick and nothing good would come from it. I think you've been shown otherwise since the launch of the appstore. This little trick to get attention seems to be working on me at least. For those that didn't know, Amazon has released an Appstore for Android. They've gave away exclusive games like Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, and more away for free. I like it.

Samsung Gem Officially Announced on U.S. Cellular

Today we've been sent some exciting news for those of you who love diamond shapes as home keys - that's right! It's the Samsung Gem, announced by Samsung Mobile and U.S. Cellular today, set to be released in stores and online starting on April 1st. This phone will feature a 3.2-inch touchscreen with "advanced anti-scratch, anti-smudge and anti-reflective protective glass." Sounds fancy! Samsung Gem carries Android 2.2 Froyo out of the gate, with no word on updates to Gingerbread.

Gameloft Announces Xperia Play Exclusive game BackStab [video]

Gameloft has just announced a new and exciting game that will be coming to Android, and later iOS. The Xperia Play exclusive will be available for Play owners only for the first month or so according to sources, then will be released for the rest of the Android community so they can all wish they had the controls the Xperia Play has. This is a very polished game with a little mix of action and adventure. It is sure to please many of you Thumb gamers.

Playstation Emulator PSX4Droid Pulled from Android Market

Is Xperia PLAY to blame? That's what developer ZodTTD believes, and with recent events surrounding groups like Twitter, for example, we's mildly suspicious as well. If you're unaware, several massively popular 3rd party Twitter clients were pulled just a few weeks ago right around the same time Twitter released their very own brand new official app - this new version was and is pretty nice, but Google's pull of the other versions so close to Twitter's official app was just too odd not to take note of. Is a similar sort of situation unfolding here with Sony Ericsson and the Xperia PLAY? Such a twisted web we weave.

CyanogenMod 7 is at it again with RC4 now available

If you haven't seen all the twitter posts over the last few days then you probably don't know that the CM team has just released the RC4 of the ever so popular CyanogenMod. Hopefully you are all aware of what CyanogenMod is by now. If you don't you should head over to their site posted above and check it out if you love Android.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Appears at Best Buy for $400

Our main fellow over in England, Chris Davies of SlashGear, had a close look at the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer in its current state yesterday, letting us know that it's totally cold blooded! Included in his report were prices and release dates for the tablet and its keyboard counterpart, but missing were the dates and money signs for our USA best technological friend, Best Buy. All that's changed now - or at least the dollar bit has, as Best Buy's reporting on their release (minus the date bit) and what you'll be spending on this fabulous Honeycomb tablet.

Opera Mini Spreads to Verizon Feature Phones, Androids Scorn

Today Verizon has announced that a set of feature phone including LG enV2™, LG enV®3,  LG enV® TOUCH, Samsung Alias™ 2, Casio® G’zOne Ravine™ and Casio® G’zOne Rock™ will have Opera Mini available for web browsing starting immediately. This is an odd move for Verizon as feature phones aren't exactly at the hight of popularity right this very moment, but perhaps a push to slightly nicer apps like Opera Mini on these inexpensive handsets will encourage upgrades to the vastly engaging world of Android.

HTC announces April 12 press event

HTC has announced a UK press event on April 12, where it promises to show "what's next" in its range. Although HTC's invite is short on clues, the likeliest candidates for an unveil are the new HTC Pyramid dual-core smartphone, or the European version of the HTC EVO 3D which was officially announced for Sprint last week. However, they're not the only devices HTC has been rumored to be preparing. The company is also expected to announce two further Android tablets, this time running 3.0 Honeycomb on larger displays than that of the HTC Flyer. Of course, it could also be a new Windows Phone device, though rumors around Microsoft's OS have been a lot quieter than on the Android front. Let us know your predictions in the comments, and we'll be bringing back all the news from April 12! [via SlashGear]

Hacktivist app fakes out and then embarrasses pirates

Generally, I don’t think Trojans and other things that can compromise your phone are funny. This one however is amusing and it's called Android.walkinwat. The app is on file sharing sites where pirates frequently download apps without paying for them.
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