If you haven’t seen all the twitter posts over the last few days then you probably don’t know that the CM team has just released the RC4 of the ever so popular CyanogenMod. Hopefully you are all aware of what CyanogenMod is by now. If you don’t you should head over to their site posted above and check it out if you love Android.

Usually main releases aren’t this close, having just dropped RC3 somewhat recently this came as a little surprise. From what I have read a large part of the RC4 roll-out was to finalize things before a stable build gets released for all the devices, and because the NOOKcolor got some exciting new updates by the CM team. The amazing developers we know from CM have added some hardware acceleration, and a few other things to the Barnes & Noble e-reader making it have some extremely smooth video playback, now it’s like a real tablet.

For everyone else that is excited to flash the latest and greatest CM7 on their device head over to the download mirrors portal now and find your select devices and get going. I know my three already have CM7 RC4 flashed. (Happy Face) that is how we do it. As always, use caution when flashing. I like to have a Nandroid backup, a titanium backup of all app data, as well as my SD card saved to my PC just to be safe. It has saved me more than once. Enjoy your CM7!

[via CyanogenMod]