Google App Inventor March 31st 2011 Update

It's update day over at Google's App Inventor office, and the list of improvements is a LONG one. For those not in the know, App Inventor is an application created by Google to assist developers in creating apps for their Android mobile OS. This application allows users to create apps in as simple as a drag-and-drop type manner, creating an environment where it's not only easy to create apps, it's totally fun as well! Behold a big fat update!

Sidekick 4G Available at Radio Shack Same Day as LG G2x and the LG G-Slate

This must be an April Fool's joke coming in a day early. What carrier in their right mind, what carrier worth their salt, what carrier in the entire world would release three gigantically flagship-title-worthy devices on the same day? T-Mobile I suppose, that's who. Radio Shack has tweeted today that the brand new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G will be coming out on April 20th, 2011.

Motorola Xoom overclocked to 1.5 Ghz with benchmark results [Guide]

Zoom, Zoom, Xooooom. The Motorola Xoom is quick don't get me wrong, but it just got a lot faster with the overclocking results I have to show you guys today. I went ahead and rooted with the very simple Xoom 1-Click-Root method, in that program you can also flash the latest Tiamat overclock kernel. I did that, took about 45 seconds. Now I'm cruising around at 1.504 Ghz and boy let me tell you, this thing is fast. Check out below to see what I mean.

Motorola Xoom Root the Easy way with 1-Click-Root and overclock [Guide]

The Motorola Xoom, I love it. I seriously have not powered on my Google CR-48 Netbook since I got my Xoom. It's just that fun. What better way to get more from your Android device then rooting it. Once you root the possibilities open up for much more things, and uses. Today I will be posting a guide for easy root. Yes this is 1-Click-Root for the Motorola Xoom. Now some might say this takes more than 1 click, and it does, but this sure beats having to very carefully and slowly enter multiple adb commands into your computer and hope you don't mess up.

LG G-Slate Demos NVIDIA Tegra 2 Optimized Riptide GP

We got another hands-on experience with the fabulous LG G-Slate that will, as you know, be coming out relatively soon to a market soon to be underwater with tablets that will surely fall short. What we've got here is a game by the name of Riptide GP, a game that's previously been out on Xbox, here mobile for the first time courtesy of our pals over at Vector Unit, Flashman Capital, and of course, NVIDIA. Have a peek with us as we get a smooth demo on the near-complete LG Android tablet.

Xperia PLAY Reviewed by Chris Davies

Our main dude in England has his hands on the Xperia PLAY, also known as the "Playstation Phone," and he's reviewing it fully for our sister site SlashGear. This device goes by model name R800x, runs a full Android 2.3 Gingerbread experience, and has a 4" capacitive multi-touch, 854 x 480 pixel FWVGA display on top of a fully functional Playstation control set. Inside you'll find a Qualcomm Snapdragon II 8655 1GHz CPU with Graphical Processor Adreno 205, the entire device is 4.68 x 2.44 x .63 inches large, and weight sits right at 6.17 ounces (175 grams.) Not too heavy, not too light - but does it stand up to the Playstation brand?

Google calls out CNN, claims Facial Recognition story is bogus

Earlier today we posted a small story regarding a new Mobile application being made by Google that will do a little facial recognition and then send the user info such as contact information, name, email address and more. This was simply a story we saw and thought was interesting on CNN. Apparently this story was a complete fabrication and very inaccurate. Google calls out CNN, says story about facial recognition app is not only inaccurate, but completely bogus.

Samsung Galaxy Player hits the FCC

The Samsung Galaxy Player for those that don't know is a device aimed at the iPod Touch crowd. For those like us that just love Android this is not only a great alternative, but an overall solid little fun filled device. It's basically a Galaxy S Phone without the phone. It has the same cameras and that amazing 4.0" AMOLED Display, with 5.0" versions in the works also. Today the Galaxy Player has passed through the FCC.
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