We got another hands-on experience with the fabulous LG G-Slate that will, as you know, be coming out relatively soon to a market soon to be underwater with tablets that will surely fall short. What we’ve got here is a game by the name of Riptide GP, a game that’s previously been out on Xbox, here mobile for the first time courtesy of our pals over at Vector Unit, Flashman Capital, and of course, NVIDIA. Have a peek with us as we get a smooth demo on the near-complete LG Android tablet.

What you’re going to get here is a massively entertaining racing game with wild environments, unique racing style, and lots and lots of water graphics. Race through the wild tracks of water arenas across a virtual universe. And watch out for sharks. And jump over bridges. Go nuts!

[vms a41525c0baf2076aecfb]

That said, we’re extra pumped up about the actual tablet itself. It’s set to be the second NVIDIA Tegra 2 powered tablet on the market (the first being our handy partner Motorola XOOM,) and it feels great to hold. Also below you’ll be able to see a stash of close-up photos incase you’ve not had your fill of this device this far in advance of its actual release: