The Motorola Xoom, I love it. I seriously have not powered on my Google CR-48 Netbook since I got my Xoom. It’s just that fun. What better way to get more from your Android device then rooting it. Once you root the possibilities open up for much more things, and uses. Today I will be posting a guide for easy root. Yes this is 1-Click-Root for the Motorola Xoom. Now some might say this takes more than 1 click, and it does, but this sure beats having to very carefully and slowly enter multiple adb commands into your computer and hope you don’t mess up.

Update: Both Wifi and 3G Xoom root work perfect now with this guide, There is also a backup option.
I want to start by mentioning this will be for both the 3G model, and the Wifi. I did this on mine and was overclocked in about 5 minutes flat.

UPDATE: Now includes one click Unlock/Root, UnRoot/Relock, Backup/Restore
Updated Download links. If download links go down again, check the 3rd post at source. jwtyler may have fixed something or added something and put up new links.

Xoom One Click by Jason Tyler

This is an all in one package for Unlock, Root and UnRoot and ReLock of the Xoom MZ600.
It is a GUI front end for the adb commands that are needed.

To use this tool:

1. You MUST have your tablet in Debug mode.

2. You DO NOT have to download the SDK or any images.


Like ALL rooting there is a risk of bricking your device. It’s a small risk but a risk you need to be aware of.

You WILL void your warranty using this tool.

This tool is easy. I have rooted unrooted and rerooted my Xoom umpteen times today testing it.


The WIFI version tools will only work for unlocking and rooting. I do not have the images to go back to stock on the Wifi. (coming soon)

Download the Moto Drivers before starting to avoid any issues:

Motorola Xoom USB Drivers Page

There are two versions of this tool:

1. Root AND Unroot and back to stock. This one is large because of the stock system.img clocking in at 200+mb

2. The NO UNROOT version. This is lots smaller. It is only about 19mb. You can NOT UNROOT with this tool. (Well, you can unroot but not relock. )


1. Unzip the tool and all of the folders and files into a directory. Preferably a folder on a root drive. (i.e. c:rootmyxoom )

2. Run the Xoom One Click EXE tool and follow the instructions. Read the prompts carefully.

WARNING: WIFI Root is untested as I do not have a Wifi. Let me know how it works. Same process as 3G I just cant test it.
Note: I’d recommend waiting on this for the Wifi Xoom as he is still working out some issues, or just root the regular old way.

Download Links:

RootMyXoom w Unroot

RootMyXoom with OUT Unroot Option

Basically that is all, this is very easy and extremely straighforward. Download the file, plug in your Xoom and follow the instructions in the program. That is it. To make things even easier the 1-click-root program in this guide now lets you overclock also. After you root and apply the update you can flash the Timat kernel. It takes about 45 seconds and after you reboot you can install setCPU then overclock to 1.5 Ghz within seconds and it runs smooth as butter. Hang around for a few minutes and I’ll be posting some overclocking results here at AndroidCommunity next.
Update: Flashing Tiamat kernel has been removed from the 1-click-root tool, follow to xda for the Tiamat Overclock Kernel. Also what we lost in that, we’ve gained something in return. This 1-click-root tool now has an option to backup all data on your Xoom, and Restore it. Very excited to be able to save everything.

[via XDA Forums]