Earlier today we posted a small story regarding a new Mobile application being made by Google that will do a little facial recognition and then send the user info such as contact information, name, email address and more. This was simply a story we saw and thought was interesting on CNN. Apparently this story was a complete fabrication and very inaccurate. Google calls out CNN, says story about facial recognition app is not only inaccurate, but completely bogus.

Google reached out to us here at Android Community and our sister site Slashgear shortly after the article went live. Mentioning what we just said above about it being highly inaccurate. Here’s what they had to say:

We are NOT “introducing a mobile application” (as the CNN piece claims) and as we’ve said for over a year, we would NOT add face recognition to any app like Goggles unless there was a strong privacy model in place. A number of items “reported” in the story, such as a potential app connecting phone numbers, email addresses and other information with a person’s face, are purely speculative and are inventions of the reporter.

This is a little disappointing to see CNN report such a story with not much to go by. We here at AC strive to report anything interesting to our readers, while keeping things fresh and accurate. Hopefully we will hear back from Google, as well as CNN on this entire thing.