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It looks like Google is at it again with another innovative idea. According to the CNN piece on it, it seems some are worried about privacy issues regarding this app from the search and ad giant. Google apparently has a mobile app that is currently under way that will use facial recognition software to identify people by their faces. The kicker here that has them worried is the main function. You snap a photo of someones face and the app will use it to access their personal information. From email and phone number, to possibly even pictures and their address.

Obviously there is a lot more to how it works than that. Google mentioned there will be Profiles and that is actually what the software will draw from the face, a profile. Users will be able to “allow” or “deny” others access to their profile so there is some privacy controls that are being looked at and deeply integrated. I’d expect there to be lots of privacy settings included or else this could get hairy. I could see a few people up in arms over that.

For now there isn’t a lot of information on what Google plans to do, or how to release and market this mobile application. We don’t have much to go on regarding the privacy aspect and what Google has in mind regarding that. I’m sure we will here more as this gets closer to a release. Check out the source below for a more in-depth read as they have the official interview.

*Update: Seems this story was completely false, Google has reached out to us here at AndroidCommunity regarding this, for the updated information and to see what Google had to say check out Google’s response to CNN’s inaccurate reporting.

[via CNN]



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