Zoom, Zoom, Xooooom. The Motorola Xoom is quick don’t get me wrong, but it just got a lot faster with the overclocking results I have to show you guys today. I went ahead and rooted with the very simple Xoom 1-Click-Root method, in that program you can also flash the latest Tiamat overclock kernel. I did that, took about 45 seconds. Now I’m cruising around at 1.504 Ghz and boy let me tell you, this thing is fast. Check out below to see what I mean.

Today I’ll be posting some screen-shots of before, and after results from my overclocking journey I took this morning. I ran a few Quadrant, and Linpack tests on stock, as well as the different levels of overclocks to see what type of results I’d get. Lets just say this thing gets a cooking. I go from a Quadrant score of 2000 on stock, to over 3200 at 1.5 Ghz. I’d say that is what, a 60% improvement? The Nvidia Tegra 2 is proving to be a very powerful chip. Makers like Qualcomm must be worried about how their own dual core chips that are yet to be released will fair against this beast.

So, I’ll just skip all the rest of the noise and get right down to business. Here are some screenshots for you all to enjoy.

First, after I rooted my device using the guide posted above I went ahead and flashed the Tiamat overclock kernel that is also provided in the guide above

Once that is finished, install setCPU and you are good to go.
Note: setCPU is not made for large screen devices yet, but it will be updated soon so it doesn’t look so tiny.

Then crank up the slider to wherever you feel comfortable. I did 1.2 Ghz, then 1.4 Ghz, and finally 1.5 Ghz

To start you all off right, Here is a Quadrant run of the Motorola Xoom completely stock
Note: Quadrant still doesn’t fully take advantage of both cores, that is why similar speed single core devices can compare to these speeds.

Next is Quadrant with the Tegra 2 overclocked to 1.2 Ghz. That small increase sure helps out the quadrant score. A 28% Performance Increase

I was surprised with the solid improvement I was seeing with just a small increase of speed. Here is another but with the Xoom at 1.4 Ghz Zoom Xoom!

Lastly we have the top dog, this was the highest score I got after 3 runs at 1.5 Ghz. A 59% Increase. This shows just how great the Tegra 2 can perform. I can’t wait til a higher overclocking kernel comes out. I’ll be playing Vendetta Online at 1.8 Ghz in no time. Zoom Zoom Xoom!

Next up I have a few results from Linpack, it is highly optimized for Qualcomm chips in general but still shows the performance increase of overclocking the Xoom. Here is a screenshot of linpack completely stock

Then here is Linpack at 1.5 Ghz showing a pretty big increase in performance jumping about 52% higher. I wasn’t able to pass 60 on linpack sadly. I’m sure with more tweaking it would be possible.

Overall I’d have to say these are some great improvements in performance for the Motorola Xoom and the Tegra 2 chip. Once more developers start making custom kernels and tweaking things even more I can see things improving quite a bit. As more and more Tegra 2 devices get released, and there is plenty coming. Things will surely start to get interesting. For those wondering how I am able to take screenshots on my Motorola Xoom. I’m using something called Screeshot ER. You can learn more about that app here, or get it in the Android Market. If you would like to see any other benchmark or software tests done feel free to comment below and I’ll be happy to give them a run. For information about either the root method, or the kernel check the links below. Thanks for reading!

Xoom 1-Click-Root
Tiamat Overclock Kernel