Notion Ink Adam Getting SDK Called Genesis

One of the most talked about tablets out there, even if it isn't released, is Notion Ink's Adam. It's a full-featured tablet that, on more than one occasion, has been said to be the true iPad killer. One aspect of that is the implementation of Android underneath the hood. And, even if there have been plenty of set-backs for the company, from both investors and manufacturing standpoints, the company still plans on releasing the product some time this year. With that in mind, they've even formulated a Software Developer Kit (SDK).

HSPA+ T-Mobile G2 teaser site launches

T-Mobile has launched a new teaser site for their latest Android smartphone, the T-Mobile G2 with Google.  The first HSPA+ capable smartphone to their network, details on the G2 are in short supply right now; only a vague outline of the handset has been shown, though we have heard various rumors about different T-Mobile devices in the past. That includes the T-Mobile G1 Blaze (aka the HTC Vision), a slider-QWERTY handset made by HTC and that would certainly fit in with the carrier's comments that the G2 is the "successor" of the original G1.  However, we've also heard talk of the T-Mobile myTouch HD, a large-screen version of the keyboard-free myTouch 3G. Both are believed to be part of T-Mobile's Project Emerald.  The carrier says it will release more information on the T-Mobiel G2 in the coming weeks, with existing subscribers getting early access to the Android handset. [via SlashGear]

Motorola Charm for Telus Now Available

If you find yourself in Canada, then you know that you're Android offerings may not have started off all that well, but it's certainly getting better. Now, for those of you on the Telus network (or thinking about switching), you have one more option to choose from. Telus has just made official its offering of the Motorola Charm, the little Motoblur-fused device that also has some other interesting features, at least in the hardware department.

Android to Ship on More Than 55 Million Units in 2010

It's no secret that Android's a steamroller. And, considering the push for the mobile Operating System from major manufacturers like Motorola, Samsung, and HTC, there's no reason that will stop any time soon. In fact, it's only going to pick up pace. With Google confirming that there's hundreds of thousands of Android handsets sold every day, these estimations from Digitimes Research come as no surprise to us. Their results? That Android's climbing, and it's going to sell a ridiculous amount of devices this year.

Archos A28 Tablet Passes Through FCC

The Archos branded tablets keep on comin'. While news of the Archos 32 just broke not too long ago, apparently there was another tablet taking the FCC journey at the same time. The Archos A28 tablet is, actually, not a tablet at all, shockingly enough. In point of fact, it looks like Archos is making a cell phone -- even if they are still going to label it a tablet, even after it launches.

Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Incredible Back in Stock at Verizon’s Site, Maybe

There's a reason we've included "maybe" up there in the title. We've gotten a few emails from folks telling us that those rumors floating around, that the original Motorola Droid had managed to find its way back into stock on Verizon's website are actually true. Furthermore, we've also heard that the Droid Incredible, manufactured by HTC and plagued by AMOLED touchscreen shortages, has actually reached "in-stock" status, too. Well, a quick visit to Verizon's site doesn't necessarily say the same thing.

Motorola Jordan for T-Mobile Launching in November?

The Motorola Jordan is a name we've seen before, but new details are starting to find their way into the mainstream. Thanks to an unnamed source speaking with Boy Genius Report, it looks like the still unannounced device is getting ready for a November launch, and it's coming with a few "rugged" features. According to the source, it sounds like the Jordan might be the T-Mobile response to Sprint's Motorola i1.

Meizu M9 to Feature 1GHz Processor and Display Similar to the iPhone 4’s

There's no question that Meizu, the Chinese-based company, likes to emulate Apple's iPhone. They do it in such a way, though, that legal action has never been taken against the company. This is helped with the inclusion of Android as the Operating System of choice, along with the company's utilization of an original User Interface. But, that's not stopping the physical aspects of the device pulling down ideas from the Cupertino-based company.