One feature that wasn’t listed with the Droid X, was Clockwork Recovery. Why? Because Motorola doesn’t want you to root your phone and do whatever you want to it. They went as far as to add that pesky eFuse aspect, and ever since, folks have been wondering if the Droid X would ever, ever be able to feature custom ROMs. Well, thanks to ridiculously talented developer Koush, we can safely say that the device is one giant leap closer.

As you can see form the image above, that’s Clockwork Recovery. Obviously on a Droid X. Now, that’s very, very good news for all X owners out there who want to add custom ROMs to their phone, because this means Koush, and other developers, are so close it’s ridiculous. With Clockwork on there, custom ROMs are right around the corner (hopefully). So basically, if you’re feeling a little giddy right now, we completely understand.

[via @koush]