This wouldn’t be the first time a version of the Android mobile Operating System leaked out ahead of its intended launch. In fact, it’s pretty much a common occurrence now-a-days. Nothing wrong with that at all. This time around, it’s for those over there in the UK who’ve managed to pick up one of Dell’s Mobile Internet Devices/tablets. The leaked version hit the Internet earlier today, and plenty of Streak owners managed to go through the update process and take in all the updated goodness.

The update to Android 2.1 may not be as extravagant as many would hope, though. As we’ve seen in the past, while it does add some improvements, it also takes a few things away from the previous version that many would probably have preferred to keep. There’s a video of the Streak running the new version of Android in all its glory, so go ahead and check it out below. And if you find yourself in the UK and have managed to update your Streak, let us know in the comments what you think of it so far.

[via EuroDroid]


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