Cyanogen Nexus One ROM gets extra RAM access

Arch-modder cyanogen has updated his latest Nexus One beta ROM to include a new chunk of code that should free up more memory in the Android 2.1 smartphone.  The ROM - which you can download here - uses Google code which opens up access to the second EBI memory bank on the Nexus One. Of course, any modification to the standard ROM could do unpleasant things to your Nexus One if you don't install it properly, so attempt the install at your own risk.  And then let us know how you get on in the comments! [via Twitter]

Plen, an Android-controlled android

Plen is a “desktop hobby robot” released by Akazawa (think Japanese hacker whizzes), and has a name derived from the English word “Plain”. But this little android is anything but plain, as it’s a miniature bipedal robot that can be controlled via your Android handset.

China claims will not hinder Android platform..

The Chinese government claimed today that they will not obstruct Google’s Android mobile operating system and will not impose  limits on its usage by Chinese phone companies as long as it complies with Chinese regulatory laws.  This is a response to a question posed whether the Android platform would be affected by the dispute between China and Google.

Nexus One trackball colors: What’s the deal?

[caption id="attachment_5031" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="image credit: Josh Lowensohn / CNET"][/caption] Dear Nexus One Trackball, You're white. All the time. Not only that, you don't even blink very often. You don't tell me what's going on with you, and I'm losing interest. I thought things would be different; I thought you would be vibrant and varied, willing to alert me instantly of texts, emails, and incoming calls in a rainbow of colors. There's so much to like about you, but this is really becoming a problem.

Seidio Innodock Jr. Cradle for Nexus One

You're wondering when, if ever, Google will release their dock for the Nexus One, aren't you? I thought you were.  In the meantime, Seidio is taking pre-orders (shipping this week) for a desktop cradle/dock of their own...

Overclock your Droid to 1.1GHZ

Some great hackers over at ALLDROID has successfully overclocked the Moto Droid to 1.1GHZ. Yes ladies and gentlemen 1.1GHZ. Although running the phone at 1.1GHZ is unstable it runs perfectly fine at 800MHZ which is 200MHZ over the 600MHZ that the processor has been rated at. In fact ALLDROID has it running stable at this speed.

HTC Bravo spotted live again; more HTC Legend details

We'll never turn our noses up at another leaked image of the HTC Bravo, and happily that's just what's arrived from Poland.  It's not entirely clear how it happened, but HTC apparently showed off a Bravo and a Legend there. As we knew before, the Bravo has a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen, Snapdragon 1GHz processor, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, and HTC's Sense interface.  In fact it's basically the HTC-branded version of the Nexus One, though you do get an optical trackpad rather than a trackball. Unfortunately, they didn't let the tipster grab a photo of the Legend, though he did describe it.  Apparently it's smaller than the Hero (which it's tipped to replace), has a full aluminum body and an AMOLED display (believed to be running at 800 x 480, though that's not confirmed), together with a 5-megapixel camera with flash.  It's expected to launch in March 2010. [via]

Truphone working on Google Voice fix

No good news as yet, but a quick Truphone update all the same.  After discovering that the VoIP company's latest version for Android - released especially to add the Google Nexus One to the fold - caused instabilities for Google Voice users, the company have stepped up and told Android Community that they're currently working on a fix. Unfortunately there's no timescale for that fix, with Truphone only telling us that it remains "a very high priority" for the company.  Users have reported Google Voice crashing, or their Nexus One handsets running sluggishly, when the Truphone app is also active; these issues disappear when it's uninstalled.

HTC Hero To Get Android 2.1 In March

All you early adopters of the Euro HTC Hero, the one with the chin, now have something to smile about. A representative of Irish mobile operator Meteor has tipped of the guys at EURODROID that they received a notice from HTC that they should expect and update to Android 2.1 sometime in March.

Been Having Problems With Your Nexus One Laucher App?

When I first got my Nexus One I was in love with it as soon as I seen it. It looks way better in person than it does on any picture over the internet. The screen is larger and the images are really beautiful on it. Like most Nexus One owners I was extremely anxious to get everything setup to my liking. I quickly went to the Android Market and downloaded all my apps again. Once again I was blown away by the performance of this phone. I downloaded over 80 apps in around 6 minutes. Next I started to redo my home screen and halfway through that’s where the problems started.
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