When I first got my Nexus One I was in love with it as soon as I seen it. It looks way better in person than it does on any picture over the internet. The screen is larger and the images are really beautiful on it. Like most Nexus One owners I was extremely anxious to get everything setup to my liking. I quickly went to the Android Market and downloaded all my apps again. Once again I was blown away by the performance of this phone. I downloaded over 80 apps in around 6 minutes. Next I started to redo my home screen and halfway through that’s where the problems started.

I was getting launcher force closures like every other minute. So I started browsing the Google support page for the Nexus One and seen that someone had stated that using a home replacement stopped this from happening completely. So I tried a few from the Market and quickly because addicted to Home++.this app is still in beta mode in the Market but it is completely stable. I haven’t had a launcher force close since using this app. It is now my exclusive home app on my N1 until Google fixes the stock app. You do lose the cool new app drawer and the small cards of your screen but the stability is well worth the sacrifice and there is some cool feature of this app. Here is a video posted by DroidDog on YouTube that shows what this app can do.