If you already purchased these devices I hope you like it because you may be stuck with it. The folks over at tmonews.com got their hands on what appears to be a screen shot of T-Mobile’s return policy for the myTouch 3G Fender Edition. Let’s hope this is not yet been implemented and just something that they are considering.

It looks as though you can’t return this phone even in the buyer’s remorse period which is the first two weeks after purchasing a new handset. The document states that due to the fact that this is a Limited Edition phone there will be no returns accepted. A small ray of light is that you can still do a handset which within the first year so hopefully when the myTouch slide or and other Android come out within that time frame you can return it and get one of these instead.

I think this is a bad move for T-Mobile but I do understand that this is not supposed to be a normal phone. With the branding of Limited Edition there are usually stipulations that come with being one of the few to own it. What do you all think about this situation?