Acer Aspire One D250 Netbook Which Dual Boots XP Home & Android Is On Sale

If you’re a hard core Android fan than you should already be familiar with this. It released a few months ago and it is a netbook that can dual boot both Android and Windows XP Home. If you are in the market for a laptop/netbook then this is a great option for you and you can have Android on your laptop to show off to your unlucky friend who bought an iPad.

T-Mobile UK Will Soon Have The Motorola Milestone

The GSM version of thee highly successful Motorola Droid will soon make its way to T-Mobile UK. This Android 2.0 packs in a fast processor along with an awesome GPU. This is one of the best Android handsets available and it has a full hardware keyboard.

Nexus One, AT&T Bound?

It appears that Google is on the move again with the Nexus One. This time it seems as though there will be a Nexus One with AT&T 3G bands. This is great news for AT&T Android customers who have been lusting over the greatest Android handset to date. Hopefully this will come to AT&T soon; my guess is it will debut sometime in the summer shortly after the Verizon version is released this spring.

Nexus One Desktop Dock Reviews

Google's first official accessory for the Nexus One, the Desktop Dock, went up for order earlier in the week, and we couldn't help but mash in our credit card details for one ourselves. Designed to not only recharge the phone but to stream music from it to a set of connected speakers, check out our Nexus One Desktop Dock hands-on gallery.

T-Mobile myTouch Slide leaks: dubious design

We'll be honest, if these really are the first shots of the T-Mobile myTouch Slide in the wild, we're seriously not impressed by HTC's design skills on this occasion.  Taken by a Droiddeveloper tipster, the shots show the rumored QWERTY handset (aka the Espresso or the myTouch2) complete with an optical trackpad. Other specifications apparently include a camera with LED flash, a 1,300mAh battery and a microSD card slot that's apparently accessible without requiring the battery be removed.  The display is an HVGA 320 x 480 panel and under the hood there's an ARM11 processor rather than something more recent (and swift) like a Snapdragon. Considering the myTouch Slide was tipped to be replacing the Sidekick range, we can't imagine fashionistas being particularly keen either.  Rumors suggest the handset will arrive on May 17th. [via TmoNews]

HTC Magic gets Sense UI update

HTC have pushed out a ROM update for the HTC Magic, and as promised it delivers their Sense UI to the Android smartphone.  The company had confirmed back in 2009 that Asian Magic handset would have access to an update, but it seems that all non-carrier-branded devices are now eligible.
"This ROM Upgrade for your HTC Magic will let you experience HTC SenseTM on your phone. HTC SenseTM lets you create a phone just right for you. You can customize your experience to be any way you like. Discover intuitive experiences that make everything you do on your phone effortless and delightful."
Unfortunately it looks like this update won't work for the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, though we'll wait to hear for confirmation from owners about that; HTC's site requires the serial number from your phone before it will allow you to download the new firmware, v3.05.401.3, so as to prevent you from accidentally bricking the handset. Even so, it's a good idea to back up your Magic before you start since HTC warn this update will definitely wipe it completely.  You can download the ROM here. [Thanks Paul!]

Picture Of The New Samsung Galaxy 2

Here we go, another day another leaked picture of an upcoming Android phone. This is almost becoming a daily occurrence around these parts. This time it comes in the form of the follow up to the Samsung Galaxy, the Galaxy 2 enters the area.

Michael Dell Shows Off The Upcoming Dell Mini 5

This device is really sexy. It’s a 5 inch mid that is releasing soon. Michael Dell briefly showed off the device to the reported and it looks very responsive for a device that probably is not even in a post production stage.

Upcoming Android Tablets

With the lack luster release of the iPad the attention switches back to Android and what’s in the pipeline as far as Android tablets. There are a few nice ones releasing soon hopefully. First up is the new Archos 7 tablet. Here is a link to more specs on the Archos 7
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