Archos Pulls Android 1.6 Update, Blames “major issue” with the Web Browser

Although is not a smartphone, you might remember the Archos 5 MID, which was recently found at "The Shack" (Radio Shack) been sold for $249.99. The device was supposed to get an update to Android 1.6 (Donut), but right after the update was released, Archos pulled it. Right after the happy owners of the Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet received the good news about the Android 1.6 firmware update to their devices, they got some bad news from Archos support:
Sorry! We wanted to release our new firmware based on Android 1.6 “Donut” for Christmas. Unfortunately, we found a last-minute major issue with the Web Browser. For this reason we prefer delaying the release of a few days, until it is fixed.
The update version 1.6.08, was supposed to upgrade the Android OS on the Archos MID to Donut by this Christmas. Now, the owners of the device might have to set for a late Christmas present until January 2010. Yes, we know is not too long, but that doesn't make this any better for those who were excited to get the update. Some of the major changes to the tablet with the new firmware are: the addition of a quick search box, a power control widget, a battery usage indicator screen, native support for WVGA screens, and support for VPN. It also improved video playback on SD and HD resolutions. [Via SlashGear]

LS680: Another LG Android Phone Heading to Sprint?

Sprint customers around the country were happy about the possibility of getting the LG PRADA running the Android OS, when they found out about it a few days ago. Now, thanks to a BGR tipster, we get the screenshot below, with apparently another LG Android heading to Sprint. Sprint’s internal inventory system is giving us a clue on a new Android handset by LG. The name of this phone is LG LS680, an Android phone that popped up with a placeholder price of $1.00, so do not get very excited, that will not be the price. Although there are many who believe this is the rumored LG PRADA 3 device, there are others who believe this is a new Android with a touchscreen. Those who think this is a touchscreen phone also say it will most likely be an entry phone, nothing high end as the PRADA. What do you guys think? Don't forget that CES is just around the corner, so we should find out more on that event.

Desktop Dock with Bluetooth for the Google Nexus One

Well, here we go again with the new WOW! phone running Android; the Google Nexus One, which by the way, had its full specs leaked just a few days ago. Now, we have some info about a Desktop Dock, via the FCC, and apparently, it will also have bluetooth connectivity. After having a blast with all the juicy info on the Nexus One specifications last time, many believed that the next good news would be an actual confirmation from Google on this Android phone. But it seems that the accessories will be the ones taking over the news this time. According to sister site SlashGear, the manufacturer of the Nexus One (HTC) has submitted for approval a Nexus One Desktop Dock with the Model Name: CR B410, to the FCC. Nobody knows much about this accessory for sure, but it seems to have Bluetooth wireless, as you can see on the image above. Apparently, the Dock will charge the Nexus One, and might even sync via USB to your computer. And maybe, just maybe, the Bluetooth would be for hands-free speakerphone functionality, or maybe it will be used to control wirelessly a home theater systems. Heck! Who knows? But we will keep on digging, so stay tuned.

Specs Leak for the Motorola Opus One Nextel Android

There is a rumor saying that Nextel wants in on the Android fun, we know they already have the BlackBerry Curve 8350i in their arsenal. And since Motorola makes 2 Android handsets already, and they make 99.9 % of the Nextel devices, why not try an iDEN Android. According to BGR, the next iDEN device running Google's free mobile Operating System will be the Motorola Opus One. And for those who love to connect easily with friends, family or coworkers via the Push To Talk (PTT) button, and also like to have the Android OS, here are the specs for their new Nextel handset. Motorola Opus One Specs: * 3.1″ hVGA 320×480 capacitative touchscreen display * 3 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash * Accelerometer * Proximity sensor * Wi-Fi 802.11b/g * Bluetooth * microSD card slot * 2.5mm headset jack * Home, Menu, Back, Speaker buttons are capacitive buttons with haptic feedback * iDEN PTT & PTX * Android LBS which is integrated into the iDEN GPS engine * “Enterprise email” * Plastic-molded housing with some rubberized texture finishes * 58mm in width, 118mm in length * 100g weight * 512MB Flash / 256MB of RAM * 64k and 128k iDEN SIM card support * A-GPS * Motorola dual-mic technology noise-canceling for noisy enviroments * Flash Lite v3.1.x * Some of the preloaded apps include: corporate email client with ActiveSync support, MOTONAV navigation app, barcode scanner, and document viewer. In a personal note; I have use Nextel in the past, and it worked out pretty good. It was great using it for the job I had at that time, so if Nextel gets an Android phone, I know it will be even better for many business Nextel users. As well as to the everyday Nextel user, who can go wrong with an Android?

Happy Holidays from Android Community!

December 25th is almost upon us, and the Android Community team are taking some time off to spend with friends and family.  We'd like to thank all of the Android Community members - especially the moderators who all work so hard - for joining us and helping make the forums the best place online to talk about Android! We'll be back on December 28th, but until then enjoy the holidays and we hope you find something Android-themed under the tree!

Full Specs for Google Nexus One, Might be Sold Through Invite-only on January 5th?

As the year 2009 comes to an end, the more we get excited about the new devices that will arrive on 2010. One of those devices is expected to arrive with a big boom; the famous Google Nexus One. Which is an Android 2.1 handset made by HTC. According to Engadget, who claim to have some juicy intel, the Google Nexus One will be sold by invitation only. The tipster doesn't know how or when those invites are going to be determined, but Google will be doing all the inviting. So, maybe the Developers will be the among the first to get one of this new Android handsets. If you are to believe the rumors, the first batch of the Nexus One will be out as soon as January 5th, 2010, and apparently, after the first batch, T-Mobile USA will be getting the handset. Everyone is saying T-Mobile and not Death Star (oops, I mean AT&t), since the the Nexus One comes ready for 3G on T-Mo and seems to support only EDGE on AT&T (HSPA 900 / 1700 / 2100, 7.2Mbps down and 2Mbps up). The new Android phone will have a Qualcomm 1GHz QSD8250 processor, WiFi a/b/g/n and a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display. But let's not spoiled the news, check the image above, then the images below, to get the nitty-gritty on the Google Nexus One Phone made by HTC.

Rumor: LG PRADA 3 Heading to Sprint in 2010 with Android OS?

Most of you already know that LG has recently jumped into the Android bandwagon with the LG GW620 or Eve, which is their first smartphone running on Google’s free mobile OS. Now, according to the latest rumors in the blogosphere, LG might use Android OS in their top of the line phone; the PRADA. Many people believe this is one more rumor before the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow (CES) arrives. There are also rumors saying LG will be releasing a WiMAX ready device with Sprint, using the Android OS. Other rumors say the new LG phone will be running Windows Mobile. Heck! Apparently, nobody knows for sure. The rumored device? The next LG Prada phone, or PRADA 3. If so, it would be the first time that a LG PRADA device gets a carrier deal in the US. It would also be the first time that a PRADA handset comes with a CDMA radio, instead of the GSM radio. What a nice addition to Sprint's line up for those subscribers who enjoy luxury smartphones. Will LG bring to CES 2010 a PRADA 3 with 4G WiMAX? And if so, will it be a SIM-free and unlocked phone, or will it be a CDMA phone? Well, have the salt ready just in case. The truth is, LG have scheduled a joint event with Sprint and apparently, Brooke Shields will be there too. [Via SlashGear]

Google Nexus One Gets Unboxed?

More sightings of the Google Nexus One Phone keep on making its way to twitter, no doubt twitter has become an interesting source of this kind of news. Apparently, someone did an unboxing of the Nexus One and has the pictures to support that claim. The Google Nexus One Phone running Android 2.1 was peacefully having a coffee at Starbucks last time we heard from it. This time it shows up with its packaging and more photos. One of those pictures of this Android phone shows the back with the battery cover removed, as you can see on the gallery below, and it has a HTC-made battery. Now, is not like nobody suspected of the Nexus One been a HTC phone, but there wasn't any official confirmation to go by. Well, thanks to this images, you now know; the famous Google Nexus One Phone is HTC-made. Will it be branded as "The Google Phone"? We do not know, and Google is mum about it, but it is expected to arrive in 2010. And it will arrive to at least one US carrier and unlocked directly from Google themselves. As you can see on one of the pictures below, there is the QR 2D barcode (which had previously been covered up in tape) on the back of the Nexus One. Our good friends over at SlashGear scanned that barcode, and they found it resolves to, which unfortunately, is not working right now, it simply takes you to the Android webpage. [gallery] [Via SlashGear]

ICD Ultra 7-inch: Another Android Tablet with NVIDIA Tegra T20

Innovative Converged Devices unveils a sleek kitchen-friendly Android touch device. The ICD Ultra comes with a 7-inch touchscreen, integrated 3G and WiFi b/g as well as Bluetooth 2.1. There's also a NVIDIA Tegra T20 chipset on board. The ICD Ultra measures 186 x 158 x 18 mm, and it’s nice and compact. It will be offering both; resistive and capacitive touchscreen options, with resolutions of 800 x 480 or 1024 x 600. There will be a 1.3-megapixel camera, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Dual digital microphones, and a FM Radio, so you can listen to your favorite radio stations. The battery on the ICD Ultra will last you for about 4hrs from a full charge, and there’s a mini-HDMI port for hooking up your HDTV, that alone has me excited. The Ultra comes with Android 2.0 Eclair, 4GB internal SD (non removable) and Micro SD. What we don't know just yet is the price, which I hope it isn't too high. [Via SlashGear]
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