As we all know, LevelUp Studio was offering the Beautiful Widgets app on the Android Market, but unfortunately, HTC wasn’t very happy about this, and they made sure LevelUp Studio got the message. Back on Friday, LevelUp Studio, brought back to life their Beautiful Widgets, but apparently, another Cease & Desist message was sent to them from HTC.

Last Friday, LevelUp Studio had the widgets back on the Android Market, after making some “adjustments” and new weather icons so it could be sold again. It was up for €0.99 ($1.45), and everything seem to be fine, they even twitter about it: “Beautiful Widgets available with the new look in the market! Beware, no way to go back after an update”.

But unfortunately for LevelUp Studio, once again, HTC sent them another message. What is it that HTC didn’t like about the new appearance of the widgets? Well, we don’t know, but many believe that HTC is been unfair. So LevelUp Studio’s new tweet early this morning reads: “HTC asks me to unpublish Beautiful Widgets until they review it…”