ZTE lease to own smartphones

Aside from Apple and Samsung, another smartphone supplier in the United States is planning to offer a leasing program so more people can avail of their new devices. ZTE USA has just announced a lease-to-own payment plan that allows anyone interested to get a new mobile device under an easier and lighter payment scheme.

While Apple has its iPhone 6S installment plan and Samsung has the leasing program, ZTE’s offering is made possible by SmartPay and can be availed online at zteusa.com soon. Lease-to-own payment options will be available for most unlocked mobile devices like the AXON flagship models, ZMAX 2, Axon Elite, and even the ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector.

You can always upgrade your phone to a new ZTE device as long you’re done paying for your unit. If under a contract, you can cancel or pay the remaining balance. There’s also an option to return current device to SmartPay before availing of this new promo.

ZTE’s partnereship with SmartPay allows leasing options and quick approval to be offered. Just choose a ZTE model you want, pay a down payment, and set a schedule to make the payments every month. This program doesn’t offer any long-term contracts so you won’t feel too restricted.

ZTE USA’s CEO and Chairman Lixin Cheng believes that “advanced mobile technology should be available to everyone” that is why the new leasing options are being offered. This way, ZTE is providing customers not just quality mobile phones but also the freedom and flexibility to pay for something they will really cherish.



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