What do you give your office (yes office, not officemate) when it seems to have everything already? Well, if your conference room needs a makeover of sorts, then you can get it a smart projector like the ZTE Spro 2. The award-winning device is now available on Verizon‘s 4G LTE network, and now they’re even giving away a free makeover for the ugliest conference room in the US. So not only do you get probably the best smart projector around, you also get a nicer room at your office.

But even if you don’t have the ugliest conference room in the land, you can now still get the ZTE Spro 2 from Verizon. It is the only smart projector in the market that has a built-in 5-inch LCD touch screen. Furthermore, it already runs on Android and so it’s like you have a mini-computer at your disposal. You will be able to project any content you want, either from the USB or HDMI connection, WiFi, Bluetooth and Google Play apps, and even through its internal 16GB storage or the microSD expasion. The Spro 2 also has auto focus and auto keystone so it would be easier to project your content.

ZTE is also launching its Ugliest Conference Room Makeover contest wherein the “winning” room will get a $50,000 transformation from an office interior designer. To join, you need to submit photo evidence that your conference room is indeed not attractive at all, and an explanation why ZTE should choose you for the makeover.

The ZTE Spro 2 can be purchased through Verizon at $599 with no annual contract. You can also buy it through the ZTE website. This pico projector has previously been available on AT&T as well.



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