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We’re not sure what’s happening here but apparently, you can now listen to YouTube videos with the screen off. It’s possible with a simple hack that starts with sharing from the YouTube app to VLC. You just need to choose “Play as Audio” from VLC. This doesn’t seem like an official solution but it works for most Android users. It will show the options (three dots) button in the right bottom of the window and then choose “Play as Audio”.

The screen can be switched off so you are free to “listen” just to music without worrying that you can click other stuff accidentally. It’s actually a simple trick shared over on Reddit. It may not be the only way but this is a good start.

Not many have YouTube Music so this is a quick solution. The question now is until when this will work. There are other solutions available as suggested by other redditors. Vanced was mentioned by one while another one suggested Newpipe.

Newpipe is an old minimalist YouTube player that works even without Google Play Services. We previously added it to the list of ‘Top 5 Android Apps this week that you should download‘. It’s been updated with an option to change the speed of playback. It also now lets you watch Livestream videos.

It doesn’t matter whether you use VLC, Newpipe, or Vanced or any other related app. As long as you’re able to listen to your favorite music even without Spotify or any other music streaming app, it’s all good.


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