If you may remember, the NewPipe app was released last year as a minimalist YouTube player for Android sans the Google Play services. This is good because there are some people who do not want Google to be tracking anything from their devices. With Google Play services, some data and information are being sent to Google for documentation or analysis.

The app is open source and is a more lightweight YouTube player. In case you didn’t know, it doesn’t use any YouTube APIs or any Google Play Services. What it does is analyze the YouTube page to extract video data that need to be played. The app is effective but unfortunately, parsing data from YouTube violates the Terms of Service of the Play Store.

You may not find NewPipe on the Play Store but you can still download and use it. The app is actually getting another round of update. You can soon specify the playback speed of any video you choose. While you can choose the speed on YouTube’s website, you cannot do so on the YouTube mobile app. However, in NewPipe, there’s the same option now.

Increasing speed playback may not be important for some but there are those who like to change the speed of the video or any podcast they’re viewing to make things, well…faster or slower. Some people want to watch videos in slow motion to play important details. The NewPipe makes it possible for you to speed up or slow down the video for whatever purpose.

VIA: XDA, GitHub