YouTube has become more serious than ever about protecting the kids from inappropriate content. The introduction of a separate YouTube Kids app almost three years ago proved to be helpful for parents and guardians. It was then updated with better parental controls and just this month: kids profiles. YouTube has started to flag age-restricted videos before reaching the Kids app and is presently cracking down on harmful and unsafe content for kids. The result of the latter is ads being removed from about 50,000 channels.

Some advertisers are actually fleeing from YouTube after discovering their ads are often shown on videos that have offensive and inappropriate content. It has happened before but the number is larger this time. Comments on more than 625,000 videos target by predators and about 150,000 videos have been removed by YouTube. Big brands such as HP, Mars, and Adidas have paused advertising on the website.

Advertisers leaving YouTube have been happening the past few months since there are videos showing a lot of hate speech content. Many brands do not want that but others returned after some time. One of the most popular channels terminated by YouTube is Toy Freaks that have over 8.5 millions subscribers. It is one of the 100 most-viewed channels on YouTube.

If YouTube is ever serious about taking down the child predators and sexual offenders, how come this number is reached? Well, the tools used to screen content haven’t been working properly according to BBC. Search results on YouTube haven’t been helping either because of auto-population of disturbing suggestions.

VIA: Vice